Great Wood Swing Sets for Years of Backyard Fun

Few people would disagree with the statement that wood swing sets look great in the average backyard and the majority of the outdoor wood swing sets available are feature packed and a lot of fun. Usually when it comes to purchasing outdoor recreation sets for their home though there is one thing that stops some consumers from considering a wood swing set for their home – the price.

How Much Does a Good Wood Swing Set Cost? – There is no getting around it – on average a good wooden swing set will cost more than a metal swing set. Prices tend to range from around $300 for the more basic wood swing sets to up to $2,000 for the feature packed backyard gym models.

There are plenty of good reasons why parents should consider making that initial extra investment and opting for a wood swing set though. The first, perhaps most obvious reasons are looks and durability. A wood swing set can be found in a number of different wood color shades straight out of the box and they can always be stained a different color as well. And in terms of durability a wood swing set will not rust, or get hot to the touch when the temperature rises as many metal swing sets can.

Ready Made or Kit? When it comes to buying wood swing sets you usually have the choice of purchasing a ready to assemble on site swing set or a kit that requires quite a bit more work to put it all together. Theses kit wooden swing sets can be a little cheaper but you do have to be sure of what you are getting before you buy. When looking at various models, make sure you understand what the kit includes as often what is pictured in the ad is not what you will get with a basic kit – some elements may be optional extras that will have to be purchased separately.

Buy Online or Off ? – If you buy wooden swing sets at a local store you may have options available tour you like free installation, which, if you are not the handy type can be a boon. On the other hand, you’ll probably have much better choice if you search online, you may get a better price and often you can read through real life customer reviews before you choose a certain wood swing set model over another. Her are just a few on-line offerings we loved to give you a little inspiration:

Parkside Wood Swing SetParkside Wood Swing Set – This wooden swing set is indeed very much like those you will find at your local park and it will certainly provide hours of outdoor fun. In addition to two swings it features a slide and a sandbox as well as a shade canopy at the top of the slide area. The lumber is fully pretreated for durability and the set comes with full easy to follow assembly instructions.

Pioneer Peak Wooden Swing SetPioneer Peak Wooden Swing Set- Purchase this wooden swing set and it would be fair to say that your backyard is likely to become the new neighborhood hot spot amongst the local kids. This back yard playground features 2 swings, various climbing options, a playhouse, a sandbox, a trapeze, a tire swing and a slide.

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