Tips For Weaning Breastfeeding Babies the Right Way

Many breast feeding Moms have many questions about weaning breastfeeding babies the right way and when is the right time to begin to start doing so. Even though every Mom and child are different and will need to do things in whatever manner suits them best here are some basic tips for helping make the transition from breast to bottle or sippy cup a smooth one:

When to Wean – The burning question for many moms when it comes to weaning breastfeeding babies is when is the right time to begin doing so. Most medical experts agree that babies will do best if they are breast fed for a year but for some Moms that simply isn’t logistically possible and some babies actually don’t want the breast for that long anyway.

One of the best ways to determine when the time for weaning breastfeeding babies has come is to take cues from the child themselves.  Weaning often begins naturally at age 6 months, when solid foods are typically introduced. Some children begin to gradually turn away from breast milk and seek other forms of nutrition and comfort before their first birthday and if that is the case force feeding them will only become frustrating for them and for you so introducing the bottle gradually at this point is the best course of action for both of you.

There is a lot of dispute about how long a child that seems quite happy to keep breastfeeding should be allowed to do so. Most children though will lose interest by themselves as they become active toddlers with far better things to do than sit still and breast feed so again, that is a cue from them that they are ready to graduate to a sippy cup.

Weaning Breastfeeding Babies the Right Way – Whenever you do decide to start the weaning process do so slowly and steadily. Begin by eliminating one breast feeding session a day every two to three days. By slowly tapering off the number of times you breast feed each day will gradually diminish your breast milk supply and avoid painful engorgement problems.

When offering the bottle for the first few times it helps if you actually have someone else do it for you as many babies will ignore the bottle if the know that Mom’s breast is still nearby as an alternative. Try to choose a bottle with a slow flowing nipple at first as that will be closer to the breast experience for Baby.

There is no set time limit for how long weaning breastfeeding babies will take and if things are not proceeding as quickly as they did for people you know, or as quickly as you read in a book it would there is no need to panic. The weaning breastfeeding babies process is different between every mother and child and with a little patience usually they work it out between them fairly naturally.

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