Unique Toddler Beds Your Kids Will Love

Getting a toddler to actually stay in his or her bed at night can be a bit of challenge, especially if they have only just recently made the transition from crib to big kid bed. One of the ways you can get them to stay in their own bed at night is by buying one of the many rather unique toddler beds. If they enjoy being in the bed they are far more likely to stay in it, especially if it seems to be fun.

Unique Toddler Beds for Girls and Boys

There are many alternatives to a normal “boring” toddler bed for little boys and girls. Here are a few that appealed to us:

The Toddler Sleigh Bed – A number of furniture companies make a toddler version of a sleigh bed that looks just like a scaled down version of the one that might be found in Mom and Dad’s room. A toddler sleigh bed looks more “grown up” than some of the other alternatives, something that will appeal to some kids. For extra peace of mind at night choose a toddler sleigh bed that features removable sides.

The Toddler Canopy Bed – Most little girls like to imagine themselves as fairytale princesses and in a toddler canopy bed, another rather unique toddler bed choice, they can do just that. Disney make a very nice toddler canopy bed that features everyone’s favorite mischievous fairy, Tinker Bell. The Disney Tinker Bell bed is built low to the ground for easy access at bedtime and comes with removable side rails for safe and secure sleeping.

You can though find other unique toddler beds that match the canopy bed theme that are far more ornate, even featuring brass headboards and intricate detailing on the canopy supports. Just make sure that there are no sharp edges for little fingers to hurt themselves on

The Toddler Car Bed – A perennial  favorite amongst little boys you can find some really unique toddler beds that follow the car theme like race car toddler beds to Thomas the Train toddler beds (not exactly a car but close…). From a bed that is a scaled down plastic reproduction of their favorite NASCAR driver’s car to a bed that looks just like the Batmobile, there is a toddler bed to suit almost any automotive taste.

Car beds are not just for the boys either. One of our favorites for a girl is the Little Tikes VW Bug toddler bed. It comes in a number of different colors, is constructed of sturdy plastic with no sharp edges and even has a friendly face on the front.

Unique Toddler Beds have to Be Safe Too

These (and other) unique toddler beds certainly look great but of course you have to make sure they are safe as well. Parents should choose a bed that is low to the ground and is easy to get in and out. Periodically, check the joints, especially if the child jumps on his bed (which most kids will, however many times they are told not to.)

If the unique toddler bed you have chosen for your child requires assembly at home make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter and the bed is solid before you let your child sleep in it for the first time.

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