Baby Name Books to Help You Find Uncommon Boy Names

Fashion is ever changing and that is even true when it comes to baby’s name’s. What was considered all the rage fifty years ago can sound hopelessly old fashioned now.

In the first part of the 21st century the most popular boys names in the US include Jacob (influenced by certain movie maybe?) Michael, Ethan, Joshua, Daniel, Alexander, Anthony, William, Christopher and Matthew. All rather good, solid traditional names, nothing too unusual there. But what if you are looking for more uncommon boy names?

Most parents to be invest in a baby name book fairly early on. But rather than there just being a single, definitive tome that lists uncommon boy names there are a number of different books that offer parents assistance in finding uncommon baby boy names that appeal to them. Here are just a few of them:

Cool Names for Babies by Pamela Redmond Satran – If finding an uncommon boys name that could also be considered “cool” is on your agenda this book is full of them. According to the authors such names right now include “Latinate” names, thanks to several stars naming their children after Roman heroes, and one syllable names like Cade and Stone.

All in all an interesting baby name book to read but you may want to think twice before actually bestowing some of these uncommon boy names suggestions on your child. After all how happy would you be to be condemned to go through life as Phinnaeus or Colt, however trendy those names might be right now?

The Ultimate Baby Boy Names Book by Linda Alchin – If you are quite sure that you are having a boy this may just be the only baby name book you need. The baby boy names are categorized into sections including various ethnic baby boy names, religious baby boy names and exotic baby boy names. Finding uncommon boy names that you like with the help of this book should not be hard.

The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg – This baby name book aims to help parents decide upon a name that will suit their child’s “personality” based upon various surveys and pieces of actual scientific research (or so the author says) Even if you are still not sure what to call your child after you finish reading it this is indeed a very interesting book to read, since it gives such detailed background to the origin and meanings of hundreds of uncommon boy names.

Baby Names Made Easy: The Complete Reverse-Dictionary of Baby Names – By Amanda Barden – Ploughing through endless alphabetical lists to find the right uncommon boy names can get a little tedious. This book splits its name suggestions into categories like victorious names, nature names, and even sci fi names making it a little easier to find some great suggestions for unusual boy names.

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