Tricycles for Toddlers that Are as Safe as they are Fun

Once a child enters their toddler years all most of them want to do is move, move and keep moving, making the most of their new found mobility skills. Tricycles for toddlers are a great way to keep encouraging this movement and to improve a child’s hand eye coordination. The fact that tricycles for toddlers are a lot of fun in general for little kids helps as well.

Tricycles for toddlers come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Some are very simple and basic while others boast the kinds of bells and whistles you’d expect to find on an adult’s bike. Which you choose is certainly a matter of personal taste – the only real rule to keep in mind when choosing between toddler tricycles is to ensure that it is safe for use by your child.

When choosing tricycles for toddlers parents should make sure that the tricycle is rate for both their child’s age and weight and that their toddler is tall enough to reach the ground with their feet flat when seated on the tricycle.

Great Tricycles for Toddlers

Here are just a few examples of great tricycles for toddlers that are readily available for your consideration:

Fisher-Price Kawasaki Tough Trike – Fisher Price has been making great toys for toddlers for decades now and their line of tricycles for toddlers meets all th high standards for safety and function that parents have come to expect from the company.

This motor cycle inspired tricycle for toddlers is a great example. It has a wide roomy seat (which has space for storage underneath) easy grip handle bars and a wide stable wheel base for safe riding. The bigger tricycle tires mean that kids can go “offroading” on their tricycle as well.

Radio Flyer Classic Lights and Sound Trike – The classic red and white of the Radio Flyer brand is the dominant feature of this moped look tricycle for toddlers. This is one of those tricycles for toddlers with more than a few extras though. The turn signals flash, the horn honks and it even plays music as kids ride along. Its sturdy construction makes it a very safe choice as well and should be a tricycle your child can enjoy for several years.

Italtrike Tricycle Oko- When it comes to tricycles for toddlers this one really is in a class of its own. Designed by child ergonomics experts this tricycle does not have a crossbar, so it is easy for kids to get on and off. The pedals are not on the front wheel, as they are on most tricycles but located in the same place as they are on a real bike, which helps increase stability and get kids ready to graduate to a big kid bike down the line. The seat is padded and comfortable and the addition of a three point safety harness can give parents an extra sense of piece of mind while their child is riding it.

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