Tips for Toilet Training Boys

Toilet training a toddler can be a truly difficult experience. It is easy for parents to lose hope, to get frustrated and even feel like giving in. It does not have to be that way though.

There are is a divided school of thought on whether toilet training boys is easier than toilet training girls but it does have to be approached in a slightly different manner. Here are a few great tips for toilet training boys that will hopefully make the whole experience a lot easier for both you and your child.

Getting Ready to Train

When exactly is the right time to think about starting potty training boys? Well , there is no right age, it will certainly vary from child to child. You child will give you signs that he ready to give the potty a try though. If his diaper is gradually staying dry and soil free for longer and longer periods of time on a consistent basis this is a good sign that he developing some bladder and bowel control alone.

But probably the most important sign that your child is ready for his “toilet training boys 101” course is that he shows an interest in being like everyone else and using the toilet.

Sit First, Don’t Stand – When you first begin potty training for boys it is a better idea to have them sit to pee, rather than to stand at first. This will allow both of you to focus on learning the basics – recognizing when they need to go and the basic mechanics of actually doing it,rather than worrying about missed aims.

Check the Height – Once your child has the basics down, yes it is now time for him to learn to pee the boy way. Provide he is tall enough you can buy your child a step stool so he can give the big boy way a try. If he is still a little too short however save that part of your toilet training boys program until he is a little bit taller to avoid frustrating him.

Aiming – If you want to help your little man improve his aim, a handful of Cheerios tossed into the bowl for him to aim at can be a good idea. Just don’t use too many otherwise a plumbing problem may be added to your already very busy schedule.

Staying Calm – Many parents find to their dismay that their child is rather resistant to idea of potty training, especially when being told when to “try” to go. Experts say this is somewhat of a control issue as your child becomes more aware of their own mind. There are a couple of good ways to deal with this issue.

First, you could just give in and let him lead the way in this whole toilet training boys adventure.. Don’t ask or tell him when to go to the toilet , just let him go as he thinks he needs to.

Alternately , you can make him think a visit to the toilet was his idea, not yours. Offer him special book saying, “I thought you might like this book in case you need to potty sometime soon.” Or you could tell your child you actually need to use the bathroom yourself, that you’ll be busy in there for a few minutes but will let him know when as soon as you are done in case he needs to go, too.

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