Great Toddler Girls Clothing that is Stylish and Affordable

There is an awful lot of very cute toddler girls clothing available these days, but on the downside much of it is every bit as expensive as adult clothing. Therefore finding ways to dress their child in style while still saving some money is a priority for many Moms and Dads. There are savings out there, if you look for them. Here are just a few examples of great toddler girls clothing that as is as stylish as little girls want at a price that parents will find rather attractive as well.

Lele for Kids Girls Tiered Halter Dress – Every little girl wants at least one or two cute little summer dresses in her closet and this halter dress is as affordable as it is cute. Available in three summery shades of yellow, pink and purple the neckline has very cute ruffles, there are two cute buttons down the front and the waist is accented by a cute bow. Since this is such an affordable example of toddler girls clothing parents can actually think about buying one in every color for their little fashionista.

Boutique Toddler/Little Girls Rainforest Set- Matching sets simply make life a little easier, both for little girls just learning to dress themselves and busy parents who need to get everyone out of the door on time in the morning. This top and leggings set is easy to wear and extremely stylish in a very quirky way. A beautiful appliquéd butterfly adorns the chest area of the swing top and an adorable jaguar graces the leggings. The browns and blues would make this a great toddler girls clothing choice for Spring or Fall and having “double duty” outfits like these is always handy.

Jade – Girls Low Rise Cargo Pants – Cargo pants seem to just be one of those items of toddler girl clothes that never seems to go out of style or look dated. These chocolate colored pants have deep cargo pockets, adjustable ankle ties and a cute rose motif on the pockets. These are great for everyday wear but could be dressed up a little when paired with a fancier top.

Cool Island – Girls Shorts, Denim – Another staple of any little girl’s wardrobe should be a great pair of denim shorts. These very affordable examples of toddler girls clothing fir that bill perfectly. Lightweight and easy to wear they have an elastic back waist for a better fit and a cute lace fronted detail that adds that little extra something. These shorts look great in the stonewashed blue denim color but they are also available in a light pink.

Carters OMG Monkey Pajamas – Another essential item of toddler girls clothing is a cute pair of pajamas. Most toddler girls would prefer to leave the footsie pajamas from their infant years behind and get something that looks a little more like the styles that the bigger girls wear to bed. These pink and purple pajamas feature a cute, mischievous monkey on the front and the Carter brand name means that parents can be assured that they are buying a high quality brand, even though the price is very reasonable.

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