How to Buy the Right Toddler Girl Shoes

When buying toddler girl shoes it can be all too easy for parents to get a little carried away with all those cute styles, some of which are often just mini versions of an older girl’s shoe and forget that these are shoes to be worn by a little girl who is just mastering the concept of walking at all. Comfort and function are far more important considerations than just fashion when it comes to buying the right toddler girl shoes.

Buying Considerations for the Right Toddler Girl Shoes

Here are a few buying tips for making sure that the toddler girl shoes you are purchasing for your little princess will fit right and not damage her still rapidly growing feet.

Get Her Feet Measured – It is easy to think that you know what size toddler girl shoes your child wears because you bought her a pair only just last month. Trouble is, a toddler’s feet grow quickly, often very quickly, and the toddler girls shoes that were a perfect fit just a few weeks ago may already be too small.

Make sure you measure both your little girl’s feet because many kids do have one foot lightly bigger than the other and you may have to go up half a size or so to accommodate that.

A good fitting toddler girls shoe should have about a half inch of space in the front between your child’s toe and the end of the shoe. Any less and the shoes can cause uncomfortable toe crunching, which can affect your child’s gait as they walk and can even cause permanent damage to those still developing little tootsies.

Before you purchase any pair of toddler girl shoes you should have your child stand up and walk around in them for a minute. A shoe can fit very differently when a child stands than it does when they are seated on the little shoe store stool.

Don’t Go Big – Because a little kids feet do grow so fast it can be more than tempting to buy a pair of toddler girl shoes that are too big thinking that she will “grow into them.” This is never a good idea though. Too big shoes lead to trips and falls and can impede the wonderful walking progress your little girl has been making recently.

Another thing that adults tend to put up with is the concept of putting up with the idea of “breaking in” a new pairs shoes for a few days before they become comfortable. Little girls should never be left to put up with the same discomfort, however cute the shoes might be, Some toddler girls shoes are very rigid at the back of the heel, which can cause nasty blistering so look for a pair that feel soft and flexible all over.

Heels are not a good idea for toddler girls dress shoes either. Sure they look really cute but they are hard for little girls to walk in and can damage her little feet for good.

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