Tracking Down Reasonably Priced Toddler Girls’ Clothes

Dressing a toddler girl can be a lot of fun, especially for Moms, but it can also be a rather expensive business. It does not have to be that way though. It is perfectly possible to find toddler girls clothes that won’t break the bank that still look every bit as stylish as she (and Mom) would like. All you have to do is become a smarter shopper. Here are some tips:

Work with What You Have

Before heading out shopping for toddler girls clothes it is always a good idea to take stock of what is already in her closet. This can be turned into a fun fashion show of sorts. Have your little girl try on the clothes she has, even ones she hasn’t worn for a while. Items of clothing that still fir should be put to one side and those clothes that she has grown out of on the other.

At least now you will have some idea of what clothing she has and what she really needs. And provided the toddler girl clothing she has outgrown are in reasonable condition you should really consider dropping them off at the local thrift store so that another little girl can get some use out of them.

Shopping Thrift Stores for Toddler Girls’ Clothes

While you are at the thrift store dropping off your donation you should also spend some time perusing the racks looking for new toddler girls clothes for your little girl. If you take your time and look carefully many thrift stores offer great toddler girls clothing, often designer and brand names that would be out of your price range if purchased new.

Shopping Chain Stores for Toddler Girls Clothes

Many of the big national chain stores (Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target etc) carry a large range of toddler girls clothes at prices that can be significantly lower than those at department stores. A great time to score even more savings on toddler girls clothing at stores like these is midseason.

Often by the time the end of July comes around big stores are already discounting there summer clothing lines to make way for new fall stock. Take advantage of these sales, even perhaps purchasing outfits that are a size or so too big, so that your little girl has new clothes to wear next summer as well.

You’ll have the same opportunity again right after Christmas, when winter toddler girls clothes are discounted to make way new spring fashions.

Shopping Ebay for Toddler Girls Clothes

When the toddler girls clothes that their child has outgrown is of a certain quality, many parents decide to recoup a little bit of their investment by selling the items on Ebay, often in large lots (which keeps the listing fees down) This can indeed by a great way to purchase reasonably priced toddler girls clothing, as long as you exercise reasonable caution.

Always read the listing carefully before you place a bid. Sometimes sellers will post pictures that include several items of toddler girls clothes in one shot but if you read the listing properly you will discover that this particular auction is just for one of them. You should also look at the shipping charges before you bid. Although Ebay has tried to rein the practice in over the last few years there are still some Ebay sellers who charge far too much for shipping.

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