The Best Toddler Bicycle Choices for Boys and Girls

There are any number of firsts that parents get to watch their children go through and experience as they make the transition from baby to toddler. One of the most fun of these is helping them learn to ride a real bicycle. Buying a toddler bicycle can be a confusing experience because there are simply so many different options out there with so many different styles and price ranges. In order though to help you get started in your toddler bicycle buying endeavors here are a few toddler bicycle options that we really liked:

Radio Flyer Toddler BicycleRadio Flyer Girls Grow N Go Bike – This toddler bicycle for girls is the high quality item you would expect a well established company like Radio Flyer to come up with. It has a solid steel body and a very comfy padded and molded seat so that every ride your toddler takes is a comfortable one. One of the best things about this toddler bicycle though is its telescoping frame, which literally allows the bike to grow with your child. The Go and Grow bike comes with foam wheels and a pair of easy to remove training wheels for beginning bicyclists. This toddler bicycle is designed for use by children who are eighteen months to three years of age and is a great introduction to the world of bike riding. The same bike is also available in blue multi color for boys.

Disney Cars Toddler BicycleHuffy Disney Cars Boys’ Bike – This great toddler bicycle, which is adorned with multiple images of Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie cars, is actually sold in two different sizes – one version with a 12 inch frame for children ages 2 to 5 and one with a 16 inch frame for kids of 3 to 6 years old. Both versions of the bike are sturdy and fun and have removable training wheels and a handy Lightning McQueen mini back pack that attaches to the handlebars. The tires have extra tread for a good grip and an enclosed chain guard to prevent snagging accidents.

Morgan Retro Toddler BicycleMorgan Cycle Morgan Retro 14″ Bicycle – This toddler bicycle is a “fierce” choice for both boys and girls and is as fun to ride as it is to look at. Its sturdy 14 inch wheels have white wall tires and the motorbike styling extends from the handlebars, with their built in headlight to the stylish leatherette seat to the rear luggage rack. Suitable for kids aged 2 to 5 years old this retro styled toddler bicycle is a great choice for adventurous boys and girls.

Whichever toddler bicycle model you eventually opt for it is of course very important that a bicycle safety helmet be a part of your purchase as well. These may be little bikes but a fall from a toddler bicycle can still cause injury and even if helmet use is not mandatory in your state it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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