Toddler Beds for Boys that Add Extra Fun to Bedtime

When they are old enough to leave the crib for a big boy bed many parents rather like the idea of buying their son a more unusual bed. Toddler beds for boys that are a little different are often amusing enough to the child to keep them in the bed as they make the transition, something that every parent strives for.

Here are just a few toddler beds for boys that are as safe and functional as they are fun to look at and sleep in:

Toddler Beds for Boys – Little Tikes Lighting McQueen Roadster Bed – Most toddlers have seen (and loved) the Disney movie Cars by the time they are old enough to graduate to a big boy bed. This sturdy Little Tikes bed is literally Lightning McQueen, the movie’s hero, in toddler bed form. The colors are bright and vibrant and the bed area more than roomy enough.

This bed uses a standard crib mattress but you will have to provide your own plywood support as that is not included in the price (Home Depot or Lowes should  helpful there) The bed can be purchased from Walmart for $175

Toddler Beds for Boys – KidKraft Toddler Boat Bed – This is possibly one of the coolest and most unique toddler beds you will ever see. This bed boat is sturdily constructed from solid wood and painted with non toxic paint, The boats “rails” serve as bed rails to keep your little boy safe and there is a roomy storage compartment to keep all of his stuff stowed away for the nights “voyage.” It uses a standard crib mattress, which is not included, but that is the only extra you will have to purchase.

This great boat bed can be purchased from for just $185.00

Toddler Beds for Boys – KidKraft Firetruck Bed – This is another great KidKraft bed that brings fun into a boy’s bedroom at a very reasonable price. Made of sturdy MDF wood and screen painted with realistic detail this bed will be as fun to play in during the day as it is to sleep in at night. Parents can even choose to turn there little boys bedroom into a mini fire station as KidKraft also make a fire hydrant night table  and matching step stool to match the bed.

You can purchase the KidKraft Firetruck toddler bed from JC Penney for $145.99

Toddler Beds for Boys – Castle Tent Loft Bed – If you want to buy a bed for your toddler that can grow with him for a few years then this castle tent loft bed is a great choice. It  includes a play tent suspended over a twin bed and features a  covered hiding place below. There is a slide at the foot of the bed for extra fun and the bed can be reached by way of a small ladder. The bed is also completely enclosed by safety rails to prevent any nasty falls.

The Castle Tent Loft Bed can be found at Walmart and costs $399.99

Superhero Toddler Beds: Batman and Spiderman

There are many options for Superhero toddler beds such as the Batman toddler bed and the Spiderman toddler bed.  These great choices can help your child really enjoy bedtime, with the added benefit that they are more likely to stay in their own room the entire night!

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