Making Bedtime Fun with a Thomas the Tank Engine Bed

Little kids tend to be excited when they graduate from a crib to a big kid bed but it can be a rather scary transition too. Many parents find that if the bed their toddler is transitioning to is a fun and appealing one the whole process goes a little more smoothly. Character and novelty beds are a great way to do that and a Thomas the Tank Engine Bed can be a great choice (and not just for boys).

About Thomas the Tank Engine.

Long before there was such a thing as a Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed, Thomas was just a creation from the imagination of The Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry, an English Church of England minister. Rev Awdry created Thomas, and other friends, to amuse his son Christopher, basing Thomas’ locomotive character on a toy that the child owned.

Thomas was not the only locomotive in the books, which were called the Railway Series books, but over the years he became the “break out star” and when the steam trains first got their own television series it was called Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Since Thomas first appeared in 1945 he has been featured on every kind of merchandise imaginable. That there should be a Thomas the Tank Engine bed should be no surprise to anyone familiar with the big blue engine.

Little Tikes Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Bed – Little Tikes are well known for making a number of great, high quality novelty children’s beds ands their Thomas the Tank Engine Bed is no exception.

The bed itself is of course, Thomas. This Thomas the Tank Engine bed is a great likeness of the “engine himself” and kids will love “riding” behind his friendly face. The colors used on this Thomas the Tank Engine bed are very bright and exciting and are very true to the way Thomas is usually seen these days , with his bright blue paint.

There are some other rather neat features about this great toddler bed. The bed rails (which run all around the bed for extra safety) actually have built in train tracks so that kids can “run their own railway” before bedtime. There are also built in bookshelves in the headboard and a side storage area for pajamas.

The Little Tikes Thomas the Tank Engine bed is designed for use by children of up to 50 lbs. When it is assembled it measures 70″L x 34.5″W x 41.75″H and it can be used with any standard crib mattress.

Like all the Little Tikes novelty toddler beds, if you do decided to purchase this Thomas the Tank Engine bed you will need a piece of plywood to put between the bed and the mattress for extra support. This plywood never does come included in the price of these beds, but you can pick one up at a home store like Home Depot for just a few dollars. To make sure you get a good fit have the store clerks cut it for you before you bring it home.

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