Buying a Swinging Crib for Your Newborn – What to Look For

Although they will need a larger, more solid crib by the time they are old enough to begin pulling themselves up, newborn babies seem to really do well in a swinging crib. The gentle rocking motion is soothing for most babies of course and the fact that this tiny little person is not lost in a crib that is really too vast for them helps them feel a little more secure in their strange new surroundings as well.

When and How to Use a Swinging Crib

A swinging crib is designed for infants, and should not be used once baby learns to pull themselves up, as at that point a swinging crib becomes a danger rather than a safe haven for your child. For newborn use however, they are perfect. Even though they may have created the most spectacular of nurseries for the new addition many parents prefer to keep a new baby with them for the first few weeks or even months of their life and most swinging cribs are compact enough to fit into a parent’s bedroom easily.

When putting your baby to bed, the feet to foot position on their back should be adopted, with the bedding tucked in and with the covers reaching no higher than the shoulders.

If the swinging crib you choose has decorative drapes, which many do, ensure that those drapes are outside the swinging crib at all times as even the youngest of babies could grab hold of the material.

What to Look for in a Swinging Crib

There are a great many different models of swinging baby cribs on the market these days and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Solid construction is the most important thing you should be looking for when shopping for a swinging crib, just as you would with any other baby crib. Aesthetic appeal should always be a secondary concern. Before you go shopping, either online or off take the time to do a little research into the swinging crib, or swinging cribs that you are considering purchasing. Look for safety ratings and if there are more than one or two negative reviews consider making a different choice.

How Much does a Swinging Crib Cost?

The cost of a swinging crib varies wildly, but for a decent one you should expect to pay at least $100. When you are budgeting your baby shopping do keep in mind that a swinging crib will only be in use for a fairly short time so it may be best to go for a basic but well constructed swinging crib that is a reasonable price  than splash out on a very fancy looking one if money is an issue.

Often parents will look for a second hand swinging crib, or inherit a hand me down from friends or relatives whose children have graduated from it. This can be a great way to save money but before you put tour infant to sleep in the crib examine it carefully for any “wear and tear” defects that could make it less safe for baby than you would like.

Although many antique swinging cribs look wonderful health professionals do not advise that modern parents use such items anymore as they do not in many cases conform to today’s crib safety standards and even  if they look like they do it is better  to be safe than sorry.

After the Swinging Crib

By the time they are five or so months old (sometimes earlier) babies can pull themselves up using the sides of their crib as a support. Once your child can do that it is time to take them out of the swinging crib and graduate them into a solid crib before an accident occurs. Even though swinging cribs can be locked so they do not move (and always should be when you or someone else not around, whatever the baby’s age) they are usually just not solid enough to deal with a growing infant who is beginning to become more and more active every day.

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