Great Strollers for Toddlers That are Pratical and Fun

Toddlers love to walk around, practicing their new skills. Right up to the point where they run out of energy, which as many a parent can tell you often occurs at the most inopportune moments – like when you are half way through a brisk stroll in the park or mid mall expedition. Carrying a toddler through the mall with you is not always an easy task, especially if all their efforts have sent them to sleep so strollers for toddlers are still a good idea.

The best strollers for toddlers tend to be lighter in weight than a baby stroller and easier to fold up since you are not going to need them all the time. Parents do have to be careful though that they make sure that when shopping for strollers for toddlers that they make sure that the stroller they are considering is rated to handle their growing child’s height and weight.

Here are just a few strollers for toddlers that are worth your consideration when starting your search for just the right one:

Fisher-Price Precious Planets Umbrella Stroller – This is an easy to fold, easy to carry umbrella stroller that is rated for children up to 35 pounds in weight. As umbrella strollers for toddlers go this is a very whimsical choice to look at, the friendly lion and his other jungle pals are colorful and amusing, great for distracting restless toddlers.

This stroller for a toddler folds up in a very compact manner and its ergonomic handle design makes life a little easier for the person pushing the stroller as well.

Cosco Juvenile Umbrella Stroller without Canopy – This is one of the most inexpensive strollers for toddlers we came across yet it is perfect for a day trip to the mall. It opens and folds very easily, has nice big durable wheels, and the whimsical prints on the stroller body are adorable. There is a three point harness for safety and this stroller can accommodate (the manufacturers say) a child of up to 100 pounds.

Maclaren Quest Stroller, Beatles Yellow Submarine This stroller for toddlers is just so cool we could not help but include it, even if it is a little pricier than many other strollers for toddlers. All the great quality features that parents would expect form a Maclaren stroller are here – the 5 point safety harness, the lockable swivel wheels and the foot operated parking brakes to mention just a few of the features.

Then the bright yellow Beatles themed stroller body is really something else – although Mom and Dad are far more likely to appreciate it than their child is. Even better though is the fact that if the yellow gets a little much the whole thing reverses to reveal a coordinating “psychedelic” pattern. There is also a printed rain cover included for use during those sudden showers. You can even purchase a fur lined coordinating foot muff for you toddler!

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