Understanding and Recognizing the Signs of Miscarriage

Many women every year are unfortunate enough to suffer a miscarriage while pregnant. It is a devastating thing to happen and something that almost every woman who learns she is expecting a baby worries about quite a great deal.

About 90% of miscarriages occur within the first eight weeks of pregnancy and the signs of miscarriage can be hard to spot, especially if the woman has yet to really realize she is pregnant. There are many reasons why a miscarriage occurs and sometimes there seems to be no reason at all.

Although you should always discuss all of your concerns with your OB GYN here is some basic information about the signs of a miscarriage that pregnant women should be aware of.

Signs of Miscarriage – The First Six Weeks

Women who miscarry this early in their pregnancy are unlikely to experience any symptoms that are very much different than their usual menstrual period. Bleeding may be a little heavier than usual and a follow up with a doctor is recommended to ensure that the women themselves are in good health.

Signs of Miscarriage – Six to Twelve Weeks

By the time they are six weeks pregnant most women are aware of their condition and any bleeding they experience becomes frightening as they will immediately see this as one of the signs of early miscarriage.

This is not always the case though as some women do experience spotting in their early pregnancy and continue you on to carry a healthy baby to full term. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact one’s doctor right away so that the cause of bleeding, and whether or not a miscarriage has occurred, can be determined right away.

Signs of Miscarriage – After Twelve Weeks

A miscarriage after twelve weeks is a relatively rare occurrence. Such tragic circumstances do affect women of all ages every year though and unfortunately the physical pain involved is far worse since a later miscarriage produces bleeding and pain that is almost as intense as labor.

Women who miscarry this late into pregnancy should see their doctor immediately as sometimes an incomplete miscarriage occurs and tissue remaining in the uterus will need to be removed for the safety of her own health.

Signs of Miscarriage – The Emotional Toll

That a woman is devastated and grieving after a miscarriage, even a very early one, is perfectly normal. Sometimes family, friends and even doctors are not so helpful in this situation though. They mean well but statement like “its all for the best” or “you can try again” can be devastating for a woman who has just miscarried to hear.

Women for whom the signs of miscarriage did end up in the loss of baby should understand that grieving is a part of the process and seek help wherever she needs to – from her partner (who is likely just as devastated), her family and even a grief counselor if she feels that might help.

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