Sesame Street Videos – Which are the Very Best?

Sesame Street first debuted on PBS stations across the US in 1969. Created by Joan Ganz and Lloyd Morrisett it combined Jim Hensons clever Muppets with learning activities interspersed with cultural references. Over 40 years after it debuted it is still as popular as ever and Sesame Street videos are still a staple in many children’s entertainment collections.

The Long Lasting Appeal of Sesame Street – A recent survey found that 95% of America’s pre schoolers watch Sesame Street regularly before they are three and that 77 million teenage and adult Americans can remember watching the program as a child. Sesame Street has over the years won 118 Emmys and 8 Grammys, more than any other children’s TV show in the world.

It might be hard to put your finger on quite why Sesame Street movies still sell better than ever and why so many kids (and their parents) still tune in every episode. Over the years main characters have changed, new puppets have come to the Street, old ones have been retired. For instance the best loved of todays Sesame Street characters – and the big star of so many Sesame Street videos – Elmo was not created until 1979 and no one really paid too much attention to him until actor and puppeteer Kevin Clash took over the lovable red puppet and changed his voice in 1983.

Sesame Street also gets a great many famous visitors. Rock stars, sports stars, actors, politicians and authors have all graced the show. In 2011 alone NY Kicks basketball stars Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony stopped by to play basketball with Grover, singer Juanes came to sing with Elmo, as did Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Craig Ferguson and Joel Mchale all also showed up on the Street.

Our Favorite Sesame Street Videos – After having watched the show as kids ourselves like many other parents we now watch the show with our own child. Videos are not really videos anymore they are DVDs of course but that doesn’t sound as good! Whatever they are though our household has a number of them. Here are some of our favorites:

Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days – Great nostalgia for the grown ups, interesting for the kids this Sesame Street collections spans the 40 years between Sesame Streets debut in 1969 and 2009. The original debut of Ernie’s “Rubber Duckie” is here as is Kermit’s “Its not Easy Being Green”. Also the day Big Bird found out Mr Hooper was never coming back and appearances by Lena Horne, Henry Winkler, Mr. (Fred) Rogers, James Taylor, Smokey Robinson, Pee-wee Herman, Marilyn Horne, Tony Bennett, Robert De Niro, Olamide Faison, Alicia Keys, Matt Lauer, David Beckham, and Neil Patrick Harris to name just a few. This is a great buy for parents and kids!

Best of Sesame Street Spoofs 1 and 2 – These videos are coming out on July 5th 2011 and they gather together some of the best spoofs that the Sesame street gang all do so well. A’a anatomy is going to be there, True Mud, Mad Mad Men, Desperate Houseplants and Smells Like a Monster. We are really looking forward to these Sesame street videos, how about you?

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