Round Baby Cribs that Offer a Unique Bedtime Experience for Baby

There is no rule that says baby cribs have to be rectangular, In fact some parents prefer round baby cribs for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons that parents consider round baby cribs is that aesthetically they are a little unusual and certainly very stylish. Another is that sometimes a round baby crib can fit into an oddly shaped corner of a room where a more traditional rectangular baby crib could not, a boon for those parents who have decided that Baby will be sharing their room for a while before graduating to their own nursery.

Some parents also feel that round cribs for babies are a little safer, as they have no corners or edges for Baby to potentially bang themselves on as they get older and more mobile.

There are downsides to choosing a round baby crib though. Round baby cribs are harder to find and usually more expensive. You will also have to find baby crib sets that are suitable for use with a round crib, which can limit your choice to some extent.

Having said that if you are really want to purchase a round baby crib, or even just examine your options, here are some great round baby crib choices for your consideration.

Dream on Me Round Baby CribDream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib -  This is a super stylish choice for those looking for the perfect round baby cribs. Offered in a choice of four different finishes – cheery, natural, espresso or white – this round baby crib comes complete with an attractive white canopy and bed skirt. The sides are no-drop and the crib is fully JPMA certified. The round mattress needed for use with this crib is sold separately but the good news is that it is no more expensive than any other good quality crib mattress.

Round Bassinet and Crib SetArgington Organic Bam Crib/Bassinet Set – This great set features both a round bassinet for the youngest of babies and a round crib for use by infants over the age of 3 months old. The round crib has fixed sides for extra safety and six legs for extra stability. Both pieces are made from sturdy hardwood and if you chose to purchase the optional conversion set the round baby crib can also be used as a toddler bed to extend its useful life by several years.

Stokke Round Baby CribsStokke Eco-Friendly Sleepi System -  This may not be the cheapest round baby crib out there but it is certainly one the most versatile. It begins life as a super comfortable and stylish round baby crib crafted from cultivated eco friendly beechwood.

As Baby grows up it can be converted into a toddler bed and then can be expanded with the use of a larger round mattress to accommodate children of up to ten years old. Once your child reaches those tween years this round baby crib is still useful because it detaches to create two super stylish chairs.

The round mattress needed for use with this great example of round baby cribs is included in the initial purchase price and it features a waved base and is made from 100% quilted breathable cotton.

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