Timeless Toys – Rocking Horses for Toddlers

However many modern tech toys for toddlers are available on the market today some classic toys, the kinds that have been in use for decades, still retain a place in the nursery or toddler’s bedroom. Some of those toys are rocking horses for toddlers. Rocking horses for toddlers are still a favorite with both kids and parents alike, even though hundreds of more sophisticated toys have been invented since rocking horses first “galloped” on to the scene.

A Brief History of Rocking Horses for Toddlers

Although it was not until Victorian times that rocking horses for toddlers became commonplace and popular allover the world it is believed that in both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome toddlers from wealthier families had an early version of today’s rocking horses for toddlers, although they were more like hobby horses, a long stick with a horse’s head that children could “ride” just like the adults.

The first documented versions of a true rocking horse for toddlers with a semi-circular base were created in the seventeenth century. And even though they introduced the concept of rocking the world of toy horses, it wasn’t until the eighteenth century that the horses became grand affairs created by the hands of master craftsmen from all over the world.

Some of the earliest of these rocking horses were elaborate, ornate affairs that were extremely expensive and found only in the playrooms of the wealthiest children. Some of the older toddler rocking horses looked so realistic one might expect them to get up and gallop off on their own at anytime. The industrial revolution changed that though. Cheaper, mass produced rocking horses for toddlers became available and their popularity grew for decades.

Today’s rocking horses for toddlers are rather different from the older cousins but their purpose is still the same – to excite the imaginations of young children while encouraging both the development of their fine motor skills and a love of animals.

Great Rocking Horses for Toddlers Available Today

There is still no one size fits all standard version of rocking horses for toddlers. A rocking horse like the Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse with Sound is a new take on a classic rocking horse for a toddler from years gone by. This rocking horse has a mane and tail that is crafted from real yarn and he (or she) can be made to neigh and clip clop just like the real thing. The attention to detail that has been put into creating this rocking horse harks back to the old days when a rocking horse was a work of art as well as a children’s play thing.

The Stork Craft Wooden Rocking Horse is a very simple take on the rocking horse theme that is perfect for the youngest “riders”. Its basic wooden construction may not produce the most realistic looking of rocking horses for toddlers but it is easy to use, very sturdy and low enough to the ground that toddlers should not be too hurt if they take a fall from their pony.

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