Princess Beds for Girls – Bringing a Little Magic to Bedtime

Every little girl (and a lot of big ones too) dreams at one time or another of being a princess. Surrounded by luxury, she would be waited upon by dozens of servants while she waited for the day that Prince Charming arrived.

While parents may not actually be too keen on taking on the servant role they can help fulfill their little girl’s dreams by buying her one of the many princess beds for girls that are available these days as an alternative to an “ordinary” bed. Here are some of our favorites.

Disney Princess Beds for Girls

If you are talking about princesses it is almost impossible to leave Disney out of the discussion. The Walt Disney Company offers several different princess beds for girls so the most difficult thing for parents may be choosing between all of the options available. Our personal favorite out of all the Disney princess beds for girls though is the Little Tikes Disney Princess Toddler bed.

This sturdy plastic delight is literally a little girls very own princess kingdom, complete with castle turret and a hidden book shelf in the headboard perfect for hiding the “crown jewels”. The bed is low, easy to get in and out of and very well made all features any parent is looking for in a princess bed.

The Little Tikes Disney Princess Bed can be found at big name national stores like Sears and Kmart or online and on average costs around $275.

Another great Disney princess bed for older girls is the Girls’ Disney Princess EZ Bed. Although not designed for sleeping in every night perhaps this inflatable bed is a great addition to any little girl’s slumber party and at only $40 it is quite a steal. You can find it at your local Target.

Powell Furniture Princess Castle Twin Size Metal Loft Bed with Tent and Slide

We came across this spectacular princess bed for girls on More of a playroom than a bed for less than $700 parents can purchase an entire princesses’ kingdom for their little girl’s room. Apart from the castle themed underbed tent, a princess canopy which is easily removed at bedtime for safety and the sturdy slide this Powell Furniture creation features storage space as well. Amazon list the bed at $659.

Delta Children’s Products Disney Princess Toddler Bed with Canopy

For parents on a smaller budget looking for princess beds for girls this sweet toddler bed will probably fit the bill nicely. Made from sturdy pink molded plastic and featuring all the Disney princesses on the head and foot boards ,it is a safe  yet budget friendly toddler bed that is great for those little princesses just making the big transition between baby crib and big girl bed.

The canopy is removable if necessary and it too is pink and features Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. The Delta Children’s Products Disney Princess Toddler bed with canopy can be found at stores like Kmart and Sear and retails for around $75.

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