Are Prefold Cloth Diapers the Right Choice for You?

As concerns about the effects that disposable diapers have on the environment have grown more and more parents have returned to using cloth diapers. Modern cloth diapers can be found in several different styles but the most popular by far are prefold cloth diapers.

Prefold Cloth Diaper Basics

Prefold cloth diapers differ from the traditional flat cloth diapers in that they are made up of several layers of fabric, with a higher concentration of material being located in the center of the diaper, where it is needed most. All prefold cloth diapers come with three numbers attached to them – indicating how may layers of material they consist of. The most common is 4x6x4 – indicating that there are two extra layers of fabric in the center o the diaper to provide the extra absorbency most babies need. Many cloth diaper experts will tell you that the more expensive 4x8x4 diapers are preferable though, especially for younger babies who would normally go through more disposable diapers in a day than their older peers.

Prefold cloth diapers can be found made from a number of different materials. The gauzy “birdseye” hemp and terry cloth are the most popular but you can also find prefold diapers crafted from luxurious Merino wool, microfleece and velor. Organic cotton is also becoming a favorite choice of parents as it adds an even greater green factor to their diaper use. Which you might choose to use is really a matter of preference, as no one material particularly performs better than the other.

The Advantages of Prefold Diapers

Although they still need to be pinned or snapped, and a diaper cover is still essential, many parents consider pre fold diapers to be far easier to use than traditional flat diapers. They are also a little more absorbent, thanks to those extra layers.

On the downside prefold diapers do take a little longer to dry than their flat counterparts, especially the thicker 4x8x4 option.

Where to Buy Prefold Cloth Diapers

Some major stores have begun to sell prefold cloth diapers as they have once again become more popular. However, most parents who use them tend to buy them from web based internet sites. There are a growing number of people starting their own business from home making and selling cloth diapers or you can opt to purchase them at larger internet shopping sites like Amazon.

Costs of Using Prefold Diapers

Some parents wonder if choosing to use prefold cloth diapers will be more expensive than opting to use the disposable diapers. The simple answer is that cloth diapers are actually the cheaper option. For example, a pack of six prefold cloth diapers is likely to be under $20 and will last for some time. The average pack of disposable diapers costs about half that but will only last for a week at most.

It certainly takes a little more effort to use cloth diapers over disposable ones, and there is a learning curve involved but once you get the hang of it cloth diaper use can both help you save the planet as well as save a little extra money.

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