Real Life Potty Training Tips from Real Life Parents

There are probably literally a million and one (or more) books, videos, articles and TV shows that have offered potty training tips. Tips are one thing though, often what actually works is quite another. Every child is different and there really is no one right way to potty train.

Still it is quite natural that as parents embark on the sometimes very frustrating journey that is potty training they will look for all the potty training tips they can find. But who better to ask really than people who have been there, and been there very recently? We meet a lot of parents in our line of work so we decided to ask some of them for their best potty training tips, as well as adding one of our own:

Real Life Potty Training Tips – Try Bribery – Any expert who says you shouldn’t occasionally bribe your children to get them to do something that they obviously loathe has never been a frustrated potty training parent. Bribery can work wonders, as we found out. We used mini M&Ms. Every successful potty trip earned our child 3 M&M’s. Actually wiping after doing so (something that was very much disliked) earned 10 of them, because it was such a sticking point.

Other parents we have spoken to have agreed. One enterprising Dad set up a Potty Piggy Bank in the bathroom for his daughter. She got a dime for a pee, a quarter for a poop. He said his daughter loved the idea, marveling at how heavy the piggy bank was getting every day. Eventually, once the potty training mission was completed she got to spend her hard earned cash at the mall.

Real Life Potty Training Tips – Creative Lying – One set of parents, after having no problems potty training their first two children the traditional way – potty seat, encouragement, – were getting rather desperate as their son refused to use the potty however they tried. In the end they said it was a late night little white lie that got the process started. The little boy hated the potty but he did love the movie “Finding Nemo”. So a very tired Mom told him that if children used the potty, pee and poop went out to the sea to feed the fish and if he didn’t learn how, some poor fishes would go hungry. Amazingly enough they said their rather sensitive son made it his mission to save the fish and everything went well from there on in.

Real Life Potty Training Tips – Just Do It – Another set of parents decided that after all the potty training tips they had read about had failed they would simply go for broke. One weekend they bought several packs of big boy underwear for their son and simply braced themselves. Apparently it wast easy, there were a lot of accidents, but each change of underwear was punctuated with the advice that next time he needed to go the child use the potty. Within a week he was all but trained, bar the occasional accident for a few more weeks.

As you can see, sometimes you have to just do whatever it will take to get a child potty trained without too many tears and drama. These may not be conventional potty training tips but if all else has failed they may be worth a go!

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