Discovering the Best Baby Food Brands

Walk into any grocery store theses days and into the baby foods aisle and there are now so many different baby food brands it can be hard to know where to start when choosing between them. Do you go with the brand you ate when you were a baby? Or try one of the new names, maybe an organic?

And whatever the name on the label which of these baby food brands are actually going to provide great nutrition for your growing child without tasting so bad that no self respecting Baby – whether they are only six months old or not – would ever eat it (Hint if your child rejects a certain flavor of baby food again and again, taste it yourself, there are some that are just not that nice) Here, to give you a head start at the supermarket is a little about what some of the larger baby food brands have to offer today: Continue reading

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Becoming Baby’s Chef – How to Make Homemade Baby Food

Every parent wants what is best for their baby and that includes trying to make sure that once they begin to eat solid foods that the foods they are being given are as wholesome and nutritious as possible. There are dozens of options out there when to comes to pre-made baby food (the stuff in the little jars) but increasing parents are concerned about exactly what goes into it, even the organic stuff and are opting for homemade baby food instead. Continue reading

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Potty Chairs for Boys – Useful Buying Tips

Potty training can be a trying experience for both parents and kids and it takes a lot of patience, understanding and the right equipment to make it as smooth a process as possible. Many parents find that a potty chair is one of those essentials. Continue reading

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Using Infant Carriers the Right Way

Infant carriers – also commonly known as baby slings – are a convenient way to carry baby around and keep an eye on he or she while leaving your hands free for other tasks. Parents tend to like them as they allow them to keep baby close without actually tiring out their arms carrying them in the usual manner. However recently some infant carriers have come under fire as unsafe. Continue reading

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Choosing a Great Glider Rocking Chair for your New Nursery

A great many parents consider a glider rocking chair to be an essential piece of nursery furniture and for good reason. For all the time new parents will be spending in the room taking care of Baby a comfy chair really is a must and the advantage of a glider rocking chair is that its gentle motion cam help get Baby off to sleep, leaving Mom or Dad free to creep back to their own bed for a while.

When choosing a glider rocking chair you want one that is durable and comfortable as well as one that is aesthetically pleasing. With all of those criteria in mind here are a few examples of great glider rocking chairs to give you a little nursery shopping inspiration: Continue reading

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Real Life Potty Training Tips from Real Life Parents

There are probably literally a million and one (or more) books, videos, articles and TV shows that have offered potty training tips. Tips are one thing though, often what actually works is quite another. Every child is different and there really is no one right way to potty train.

Still it is quite natural that as parents embark on the sometimes very frustrating journey that is potty training they will look for all the potty training tips they can find. But who better to ask really than people who have been there, and been there very recently? We meet a lot of parents in our line of work so we decided to ask some of them for their best potty training tips, as well as adding one of our own: Continue reading

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Car Seat Safety Tips for Every Car Trip

Every parent knows that their infant or toddler needs to be buckled up in their care seat even on the shortest trips but safety experts estimate that about 75% of car seats are secured in the car incorrectly.

It is not hard to make car seat safety mistakes, even if you have read the manual that came with your particular model from back to front. Unfortunately those instructions are not always too clear, especially if you are a poor sleep deprived new parent and if you are in a hurry car seat safety mistakes are easy to make. Here however are some tips to help you ensure that your child is properly secured every time you go anywhere with Baby. Continue reading

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Tips For Weaning Breastfeeding Babies the Right Way

Many breast feeding Moms have many questions about weaning breastfeeding babies the right way and when is the right time to begin to start doing so. Even though every Mom and child are different and will need to do things in whatever manner suits them best here are some basic tips for helping make the transition from breast to bottle or sippy cup a smooth one: Continue reading

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Breast Feeding Tips For New Moms

Baby experts do not always agree on everything but the one thing that there is a strong consensus about is that if it possible for her to do so breast feeding is one of the best things a Mom can do for her baby. Breast feeding is certainly not always easy though. Here are some breast feeding tips on how to make it easier for you and your baby: Continue reading

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What Foods Make for The Best Breast Feeding Diet?

New moms are all usually keen to shed their extra baby weight as soon as possible, but breast feeding Moms need to be sensible about doing so because their breast feeding diet is not only going to affect their health but to a certain degree the quality of their breast milk as well. New Moms do not have to change their diet too much to ensure a good healthy supply of breast milk, basically following a well balanced, healthy diet is all they need to do, but there are certain foods that experts often recommend that women eat while breastfeeding to help ensure their health as well as that of their nursing baby. Continue reading

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