Nursery Decorating Ideas – Playing with Color

Decorating a baby’s room successfully involves creating a space that looks good, functions well and appeals to both Baby and his parents. Baby nursery decorating ideas are not hard to come by in books and on the Internet but the key to a really great nursery is making sure it fits your needs, and those of your child, and no one else’s.

One of the things many parents shy away from is using bright, bold colors in the nursery, opting instead for the more traditional and sedate pastels that are usually associated with a baby’s room. That however is actually a bit of a shame, because not only do they miss out on the chance to get a little more creative but babies are actually stimulated by bright color so for them a bolder color scheme will be far more interesting.

Here are some nursery color schemes that are a little unusual that you might want to consider while coming up with nursery decorating ideas:

Brown, Blue and Green Brown? In a baby’s room? It will work very well in fact if your balance the earthiness of a chocolate brown with a few watery, subtle shades of blue and green. The overall effect is a very modern looking nursery that is gender neutral and very relaxing, since blues and greens are calming colors

Color Blocks – Have you been trying to agree on a color for weeks now but of all the nursery decorating ideas you have this is the one you cannot agree on? If that is the case why not consider creating a bright color block mural on the walls instead of sticking with just one or two colors?
The end result will be bright and funky with the added advantage that you will probably never need to paint the room again, since whatever furnishings and accessories are used in the space over the years as Baby grows should fit right in.

Revved Up Pink – If you know you are having a girl painting the nursery pink is still at the back of your mind, however boring that nursery decorating idea might seem to be to others. You can end an extra punch to your pink nursery decorating ideas by adding shots of other warm colors like a burnt orange or a sunny yellow.

Blue for All – Blue does not have to be just for the boys. If you choose a deep blue color (azure or aqua work well) and then add a few bright pink accents you can create a space for girls that is feminine and warm without being too “girly”.

Mismatching with Style – When it comes to nursery decorating ideas you do not have to match every element of the room. Stripes and polka dots can co exist in the same space and actually look rather good together. This mismatched style can be especially useful if you have a number of different nursery items that have been given to you that on the surface don’t quite seem to go together

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