Unusual Newborn Baby Boy Announcements Everyone Will Love

The arrival of a baby boy is a joyous event that parents are always eager to share with family and friends as soon as possible. There are many different kinds of newborn baby boy announcements and these days there are so many options it can be hard to choose between them.

However if you are looking for a slightly more unusual way to announce the arrival of a newborn baby boy here are some great options you may not have considered.

New Born Baby Boy Website – Since the vast majority of people spend at least some time online on a regular basis these days one of the best ways to share the news of your new arrival is by creating your very own website. The best news is perhaps is that there are a number of places you can create such a website for free.

One of the best – especially if you are concerned about security -is babyblogger.com. New parents can quickly and easily create a free baby website announcing the arrival of their newborn baby boy (or girl) complete with unlimited space to upload photographs, a journal and a guestbook.

Site access is restricted to those who you choose to give a password. One of the best features is that everyone who goes to the site can order prints of the pictures you upload as well as great keepsakes like mugs and t shirts.

There are a number of companies that charge parents to create a baby announcement website but the free offerings are comprehensive enough that you really do not need to sign up with a pay site.

Newborn Baby Boy Photo Sculptures – Rather than just sending out flat 2D birth announcements why not chose a sturdy 3D photo sculpture instead? Sites like zazzle.com and cafepress.com make it easy for parents to create their very own photo sculptures using their favorite picture of their newborn baby boy.  You can also create key chains, pins, magnets and even tree ornaments.

Newborn Baby Boy M&Ms Announcements – M&Ms have been one of the nation’s favorite candy treats for decades and now you can create your own personalized M&M’s to announce the arrival of your newborn baby boy. Parents can simply go to mymms.com and create a message on their M&M gifts choosing the color of the M&Ms they order, the wording of the message and even upload a picture to be featured on their personalized candy if they want to.

The personalized M&M’s are not particularly inexpensive though. For the new parents out there on a tighter budget we discovered a great site that offers personalized stickers that are especially designed to be attached to the bottom of Hershey’s Kisses.

Personalized stickers only are $15.50 per set of 120 and since most grocery stores sell big bags of Hershey’s Kisses for just a couple of dollars, it is an affordable way to send newborn baby boy announcements that really make an impression on the recipients. Head to customcandybarwrapper.com to learn more.

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