New Baby Gift Ideas For the New Mom

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting  time for all the friends and family of the new addition as well as the new Mom and Dad. Most people opt to give a new baby gift after the baby arrives as well as the one they might have brought to the baby shower. Baby probably got most of his or her needs covered before they were born but how about the hardworking new Mom, she deserves a treat too right? Here are some ideas to get you started:

New Baby Gift Ideas – Mothers Minder Breastfeeding Bracelet – Keeping track of Baby’s feeding times (whether they are breast or formula fed) can be quite a chore for new Moms. As can remembering when it is nap time, how long Baby slept last night and when it is time to give Baby any medications he or she might be on.

This stylish bracelet not only looks good but it can help Mom keep track of all those important times easily . This is a useful new Baby gift idea for Moms that she will appreciate for both its looks and its usefulness. It can be purchased from Walgreen’s for $19.99

New Baby Gift Ideas – A Spa Gift Certificate and Your Babysitting Services – Most new Moms spend most of their time frazzled and exhausted, dreaming of the day they might get some rest again. Why not make that dream come true right away by giving a new Mom a gift certificate for a few hours at a local spa (or even just the beauty salon) as well as the promise that you will babysit so that she can enjoy this me time even more.

New Baby Gift Ideas – A Homemade New Mom’s Gift Basket – A new Mom is surrounded by all kinds of new baby related stuff but why not surprise her by presenting her with a gift basket just for her, with no baby related items in it at all?

Fill a basket (a nice one from the dollar store is fine) with things that she would love but is unlikely to take the time to buy for herself right now. A new robe, some great perfume, a box of her favorite tea and a copy of a great new DVD or book by her favorite author would all be welcome just for Mom gifts that will help remind her that she is more than just a Mom.

New Baby Gift Ideas – Time – The one thing any new Mom never feels she has enough of is time, so why not give her some of yours as a new baby gift ? Offer to do her grocery shopping for her, help clean the house, cook a meal or two to save her the time and effort. Seemingly little gestures like these are often the new baby gifts that a Mom will appreciate the most and remember the longest.

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