Great Monogrammed Baby Blankets Choices

Trends come and go and it can seem like every new year brings a new “must have” baby accessory that is suddenly added to every new parents baby shower registry list. One of the baby items that never seems to go out of style though are monogrammed baby blankets. These squares of cloth are not only practical for use when Baby is little but many are so aesthetically pleasing that they actually end up becoming keepsakes after their life in nursery is over.

About Monogrammed Baby Blankets – If you are the crafty type, handy with a needle and thread, a crotchet hook or a pair of knitting needles creating your own monogrammed baby blankets – either for your own child or to give away as a gift, may be an interesting and satisfying way to pass a few evenings. As busy as many of us are though even if we have some of those skills actually finding the time to use them can be hard, For that reason we recently did a little monogrammed baby blanket shopping and came up with these great examples to provide you with a little shopping inspiration:

Personalized Plush Baby BlanketPersonalized Embroidered Plush Ivory Baby Blanket with Satin Trim – This elegant monogrammed baby blanket is a great choice for either a boy or a girl and would make a great smaller baby arrival gift. These monogrammed baby blankets can be personalized with Baby’s initials, full name and/or date of birth. These baby blankets measure a generous 30″ x 40″ and the embroidered lettering can be completed in block or script font and in several different colors. The soft satin trim on the edges give these blankets a polished finishing touch.

Heirloom Monogrammed Baby BlanketHeirloom Monogrammed Blanket Set – This elegant monogrammed baby blankets gift set is a vintage styled offering that would match almost any nursery décor while still being well made enough that it could be kept as a keepsake piece for years. The set features more than just a blanket though – it also boasts a matching monogrammed bib and hand towel/washcloth.

Personalized Teddy Bear BlanketABC Blocks Personalized Teddy Bear Security Blanket – This super cute monogrammed baby blankets choice is the perfect combination of security blanket and small soft toy. Personalized with Baby’s name and birth date the teddy bear’s body is actually a soft, satin trimmed blanket and is fully lined in satin on the back side for extra softness.

Personalized Micro Fleece Baby BlanketPersonalized Micro-Fleece Baby Blanket – Micro fiber, whether it is used on furniture or in this case to create a soft monogrammed baby blanket is some of the easiest to care for fabric available today. This means that this great example of monogrammed baby blankets – which features Baby’s full name – would be great for everyday use while still being durable enough to be put away in the memento drawer once Baby is older.

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