Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episodes – Mickey in the 21st Century

Mickey Mouses as one of the oldest and most enduring cartoon characters on the planet has been in countless animated and live action movies and TV shows over the years but the latest in the line of Mickey Mouse cartoon series’ Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been running on the Disney Channel since 2006 and other than a four month work stoppage in 2009 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes have been running ever since.

The Story behind Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episodes – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes marked the first time that the legendary Mickey Mouse crew had appeared in CGI form on TV. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes revolve around problem solving often with the aid of a giant Mickey head shaped computer called the Mousekadoer. In addition to the man himself regular characters in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes include Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto as well as Pete, Clarabelle Cow, Ludwig Von Drake, Chip ‘n’ Dale, and Mortimer Mouse to name just a few of the “guest stars”

The Cast of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episodes – Mickey’s New Voice – Since 2009 the new voice of Mickey Mouse has been provided by Bret Iwan. He took over after the gentleman who had Boeing providing the mouse’s voice for years, Wayne Allwine passed away. Actually an artist and illustrator Iwan did have experience with the role of mickey Mouse as he had been voicing him for various rides and and attractions at Animal Kingdom. He then went on to work on not only Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes he has also been providing the famous mouse voice for the video games in the Kingdom of Heart series of games and most recently the new Wii game Epic Mickey.

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Episodes – In the US Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes air on both the Disney Channel and on Disney HD. The show also appears on every different version of the Disney channel that exists worldwide, although of course the name of the show changes from country to country. In France it is “La Maison de Mickey”, in Spanish speaking countries it becomes “La Casa de Mickey Mouse ”.

There have also been a number of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes released on DVD, some of which have not aired on TV. There is of course plenty of other merchandise available that ties in with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes as well, including figurine sets and the rather large Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playset from Fisher Price which recreates the Clubhouse in detail.

You can also buy and download MP3s of many of the songs that have appeared in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes over the years including the two songs by rockers They Might be Giants that appear in almost every episode “Hot Dog” and “Meska Mouska” which is the Mickey Mouse clubhouse theme.

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