How to Save Money on Medela Breast Pump Accessories

There are a number of different well known brands of breast pump to choose from but one of the most popular manufacturers is Medela. Medela breast pumps are used in hospitals and by new Moms alike and all of the Medela breast pump models are usually considered by most people to provide great quality and function at a reasonable price.

In order to use any of them though new Moms need a number of different Medela breast pump accessories. Although when purchasing a Medela breast pump most of these things come included in the initial purchase price most Moms quickly discover that it makes a lot of sense to keep at least one extra set of extra Medela breast pump accessories on hand to save time and effort.

Saving Money on Medela Breast Pump Accessories- Most new parents are always looking for ways to save a little money on baby supplies without compromising on quality or safety. Buying Medela breast pump accessories from home health care stores or other physical retailers can get a little expensive and often you can score better deals by shopping on-line. Here are just a few of the better Medela breast pump accessories deals we have found recently, to give you a little shopping inspiration:

Medela Breast Pump Accessory SetMedela Breast Pump Accessory Set – This set provides Medela breast pump users with a basic back up set of essential Medela breast pump accessories and is very useful to keep on hand, to save a hurried trip to the store. The set includes four baby bottles with lids, two valves and membranes as well as two extra breast shields and micro steam bags. All of the items are genuine Medela breast pump accessories but by purchasing this set you do save money over purchasing them all separately.

Medela Tender Care LanolinMedela Tender Care – Not all of the Medela breast pump accessories you might want to purchase relate to the mechanical operation of the breast pump itself. This is a relatively new Medela product offering – a special cream designed to provide relief for sore or tender nipples, a side effect of breast pumping that affects a great many women and is unpleasant and uncomfortable to say the least. The cream is a modified lanolin that also contains beta-glucan, a substance that has been shown to help wound healing and to soothe damaged skin. This formulation will not harm a mother’s milk supply though and it is also harmless for Baby.

Medela Micro Steam BagsMedela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags – Many moms love these easy to use cleaning bags so much that they continue to use them long after they have stopped using the breast pump. Designed to clean and sterilize all Medela breast pump accessories quickly and easily it is more efficient – and far quicker – than boiling them all and you can also use these handy bags to clean things like pacifiers and small teething toys so they are absolutely safe for Baby to put in their mouth!

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