Finding the Right Maternity Pillow for a Great Night’s Sleep

Getting a good nights rest can be tough when you are pregnant but a maternity pillow can be a big help, as long as you find the right one. There are so many things to buy related to pregnancy and a new baby’s arrival it can be too easy to overlook Mom’s comfort but taking the time to shop for a great maternity pillow is time well spent. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

Boppy Maternity PillowBoppy Total Body Maternity Pillow – This super soft pillow provides comfy total body support for Moms to be. The great thing about this particular maternity pillow is that it can mold into many different positions to suit a woman’s body as it changes as her pregnancy progresses. It can even be folded small to provide a great back support for bedtime reading. In terms of care the pillow has a removable cotton cover that is machine washable for extra ease.

Serenity Maternity PillowSerenity Star Pillow – Transitional Body Maternity Pillow – This is another great choice if you are looking for a full body maternity pillow to provide you with great sleeping support. It is actually designed in three parts so that after Baby is born he or she can use it as well once Mom is done with it, making it a great buy all around.

Snoozer Full Body PillowSnoozer Full Body Pillow – This great full body maternity pillow is stuffed with all natural goose down to provide great support, softness and to better regulate body temperature. It is designed to move with the sleeping Mom to be to provide extra support and its ergonomic design also ensures the proper spinal alignment for Moms to be.

Contoured Body PillowLeachco Back ‘N Belly – Contoured Body Pillow – This maternity pillow is half sized to concentrate on providing extra back and belly support – the spots where expectant Moms need it most. It is also designed to keep the head elevated in the right position to help prevent heartburn and acid reflux – two common pregnancy complaints that can make getting a good nights sleep almost impossible, however comfortable the rest of the bed is.

Side Sleeper PillowLeachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper – This is another maternity pillow designed to promote natural sleeping comfort for expectant Moms. Soft and comfortable the unique shape of this pillow is designed to provide support for side sleeping as well as to keep a woman’s hips aligned in the correct position, another essential for a good night’s sleep and a healthy pregnancy in general. Once Baby has arrived this maternity pillow still has a useful life ahead of it as it easily converts into an easy to use nursing support pillow that provides a great deal of back support for Mom and a soft place for Baby to lie.

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