Great Kids Tricycles That are Fun and Affordable

A tricycle is a fun way for younger kids to enjoy outdoor activities with the family. There are however certain safety rules that parents should follow and things to look for when purchasing a kids tricycle for their child. Here are some tips:

Tricycle Safety

Tricycles are three wheeled versions of the bicycle that kids will grow into later and for the most part fairly safe to use. A child should not be given a kids tricycle though until they have good control of their basic motor functions which usually does not occur until a child is at least two.

The kids tricycle that you choose should be solidly constructed with no sharp edges and the right height for your child – he or she should be able to touch the floor with their feet when seated. For additional safety purchase your child a snuggly fitting bike helmet to wear while riding their trike and make sure that an adult keeps an eye on them at all times.

Great Tricycle Finds

There are lots of tricycles out there so choosing the right one can be a tough call for parents to make. To help here are a few great tricycle choices we happened upon:

Radio Flyer 12 inch Red Tricycle – This classic is still a great choice and parents can rest easy knowing that the construction is of the highest standard. It is crafted from sturdy steel and its retro styling features a working bell and steel spooked wheels with real rubber tires. This classic trike is available in the expected red and white but there is also a pastel pink version that will delight little girls. It is recommended for children aged 2-5 and can be found at Kmart and Toys R Us for $44.99

Huffy Hi Lo Tricycle – Huffy, known as a manufacturer of high quality bicycles for years now, brings their craftsmanship to the toddler set with their easy to operate Hi Lo Tricycle. The seat adjusts at the touch of a button to accommodate the child as they grow and the sturdy steel frame is tough and durable. The Huffy Hi Lo kids tricycle comes in both a boys and a girls version; blue and yellow for the boys, purple and pink for girls (although we see no reason why girls can have the yellow and blue if they prefer) You can get the Hi Lo tricycle at Toys R Us for around $55.

Schwinn Roadster Tricycles – Another famous bike maker – Schwinn – sell a line of Roadster kids tricycles that are as fun to look at as they are to ride. The Roadsters – which come in a number of different colorways – have cool mustache handlebars and a super low center of gravity to prevent accidental tipping. The seta is sculpted for extra riding comfort and a real wood deck with a burned in Schwinn  logo ups the cool factor even further. You can purchase the Schwinn Roadster tricycles at Walmart for $66.99 and up depending upon the color choice and they are also available online at

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