The Pros and Cons of Jardine Baby Furniture

The Jardine baby Furniture collections are a relatively inexpensive set of offerings sold mainly by Toys R Us at their Babies R Us outlets and online as well as at some JC Penney stores and on

Most of the furniture items in the line are very good looking and would, from an aesthetic point of view add a really elegant touch to any nursery. The only thing that concerns some parents about Jardine baby furniture is that it does not carry the JPMA certification that some other brands of baby furniture do. What does that say about thee quality and safety of the products though?

What is the JMLA?

The JPMA is the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. The Certification Program currently includes bassinets and cradles, infant swings, non-full size cribs and play yards, portable hook-on chairs,  toddler  beds, soft infant carriers, and walkers.

However, participation in the JPMA is purely voluntarily and a decision that each individual manufacturer has to make. Companies do have to pay for a membership, so if a baby furniture product does not carry the JPMA seal that does not automatically mean that it does not meet government mandated safety standards and even surpass them.

Are Jardine Baby Furniture Products a Good Choice?

The Jardine Baby Furniture line is very popular with parents across the country as it offers good value for money – something that most new parents are looking for when purchasing supplies of all kinds for their child. Beyond price though safety is always going to be a parents biggest concern and Jardine did voluntarily recall over 100,000 of their cribs in 2008 because of a problem with the slats on the crib and the potential strangulation threat the design flaw posed.

Since that recall though, no other problems have ever been reported and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Administration monitors Jardine products as tightly as it does other baby furniture manufacturers.

Before discounting Jardine baby furniture it is worth knowing that a number of the major US crib manufacturers have also issued voluntary recalls on their products over the last few years. These manufacturers include Simplicity (whose cribs were subject to a recall in 2009) Delta, who make many of the most popular toddler beds on the market today and Munire Furniture.

Most safety recalls of any product are made voluntarily by the manufacturer and are a precautionary measure made when a certain potential design flaw is pointed out – often by a third party. The Jardine baby furniture recall was one such voluntary recall.

What are the Best Jardine Baby Furniture Products?

Baby furniture is not always just all about baby and one of our favorite Jardine baby furniture products is their glider rocker chair. These kinds of chairs are indispensable to parents and once most parents buy one they begin to wonder how they ever lived without one before!

The great thing about the Jardine glider rocker is that it offers comfort and quality at a very reasonable price. It assembles easily and moves very well and at under $250 it is one of the most affordable rocker glider chairs out there.

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