Great Instep Jogging Stroller Models for the Active Family

Instep jogging strollers tend to offer parents a high quality jogging stroller at a reasonable price. The number of different Instep jogging stroller models is available is quite impressive and while each models varies in design and the features that they offer all of them meet the same high safety standards – something that is of the utmost importance. Here are just a few of the Instep jogging stroller models for you to consider:

InStep Safari Jogging StrollerInStep Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller
- This is a great three wheel jogging stroller that offers a great dale of stability and is great for use on an every day basis. Whether you intend to use an Instep jogging stroller for a daily jog around the local park or just for a trip to the mall this model is lightweight and can be switched between “jogging” and “stroller” modes in just a minute. This Instep jogging strollers have a lot of extra convenience features as well including a generously sized under stroller storage basket, a padded push bar and a large front tray to accommodate all kinds of things to keep baby amused while their parents keep fit.

InStep Run Around Jogging StrollerInStep Run Around Jogging Stroller -  This Instep jogging stroller is one of the most sporty in the line. It has tough 16 inch wheels that can handle rougher terrain with ease and its very lightweight frame makes it super easy to handle. One note though about the Instep Runaround – unlike some of the other Instep jogging stroller models the front wheel is fixed. While this makes it more stable for use on a straightaway it may limit its maneuverability over some of the other Instep jogging stroller offerings.

InStep Ultra Runner Jogging StrollerInStep Ultra Runner Jogging Stroller – This top of the line Instep jogging stroller is the perfect choice for serious parent athlete who wants to make a run with Baby a part of their everyday routine. The wheels are versatile enough to handle all kinds of different terrains – everything from a bumpy hillside to a smooth tiled mall walk. This Instep jogging stroller model also feature a large under stroller storage basket and double parent/child trays with built in cup holders.

What if running is not your preferred method of keeping fit? If you are more into cycling the Instep line of joggers has you covered as well. The InStep Quick N EZ Double Bicycle Trailer comes in both single and double models and it attaches to almost all standard bicycles safely and easily. A bike trailer like this one offers a great way for an athletic family to enjoy a great day outdoors without having to leave the little ones out of the action altogether.

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