Using Infant Carriers the Right Way

Infant carriers – also commonly known as baby slings – are a convenient way to carry baby around and keep an eye on he or she while leaving your hands free for other tasks. Parents tend to like them as they allow them to keep baby close without actually tiring out their arms carrying them in the usual manner. However recently some infant carriers have come under fire as unsafe.

Infant carriers or baby slings can be used safely, but only if they provide enough support for Baby and are used in the proper manner at all times. Here are some infant carrier safety tips you should keep in mind if you intend to make regular use of one:

  • Read all of the instruction manuals that come with the infant carrier carefully before first time use and ensure that you are using it the right way by having someone else check the way you have set it up before first use.
  • Always place Baby in, and take him out, of the infant carrier when you are in a seated position.
  • Once your child is secured in the infant carrier adjust leg openings to the smallest possible size without them being to tight of digging into Baby’s thighs or legs.
  • Ensure Baby has plenty of room to breathe and that his face is not presses against your chest which poses a suffocation risk.
  • When using infant carriers of any kind you need to fool ow the manufacturers weight recommendations. If Baby is getting too heavy for his infant carrier it is time to find a different mode of transportation.
  • Until Baby can hold their own head up they should only be carried in a forward facing position in an infant carrier that provides plenty of head support.
  • Infant carriers should only be used when parents are walking or standing, never when running or performing other physical exercise.
  • Never use infant carriers as a substitute for a car seat.
  • Do not leave Baby in his infant carrier while you are putting it on or taking it off.
  • If the infant carrier becomes damaged in any way, stop using it, throw it away and if necessary invest in a new one.

Great Infant Carriers We Love – infant carriers some in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The best infant carriers however are those that provide plenty of support fops Baby while still being easy for parents to use. An infant carrier that is too complicated to put on will probably end up being put on the wrong way. The original Baby Bjorn Infant Carrier is one of the best infant carriers we have seen. It provides more than enough support for Baby and is easier than many infant carriers to use as all adjustments are made from the front. The carrier is designed for use by babies who weight between eight and twenty two pounds and the advantage for Mom and Dad is that the shoulder straps are wide, padded and very comfortable.

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