No Sew Headbands for Babies that You Can Make in Minutes

Baby headbands are a popular fashion accessory chosen as an alternative to hair clips and hair bows buy parents all over the world. The problem can be though that for such small items a store bought baby headband can seem rather expensive.

Making your own headbands for babies is a more economical solution and it also gives parents the chance to create a look for their little girl that is rather unique. But what if you hate to sew? Picking up a needle and thread is not something everyone likes to do. Fortunately there are plenty of ways you can make your own headbands for babies without ever having to sew a stitch. Here is just one idea:

Big Bloom No Sew Headbands for Babies
– These no sew baby headbands let your little girl channel her inner diva a la Billie Holliday and you don’t have to sew a thing to make one. To create this headband for babies you will need:

A hot glue gun and glue sticks
A plain child sized headband
A cheap silk flower
A tape measure and marking pencil

The first step in making this baby headband is to size the plain headband to fit your child. Cut the headband at the seam and then measure out about 16 inches for a child 6-12 months. Measuring your child’s head with a strip of paper can help you gauge the best size for her though. Once you have cut away the excess headband material glue both ends together neatly with the glue gun and put aside to dry.

Now comes the fun part, de-constructing and then recreating your flower. The easiest kind to use are the silk flowers you find in craft stores that attach to plastic stems. Begin by carefully taking apart the bottom green plastic pieces together and lay out each petal separately. Make sure you lay them out in the order you removed them so that putting it all back together will be easy.

Beginning with the largest of the petals glue them to the-seam of the headband one by one, recreating the original bloom as you go. Alternately you can try laying the petals together in different combinations before you glue them down so you can see which you like better. You should take care when using the glue gun because since they are rather hot they can burn both the petals and your fingers so go slowly and use the smallest amount of glue possible to keep everything together.

Since the silk flower probably had a green plastic center to begin with you may want to recreate that by folding one of the smaller petals together to create a new center. An alternative is to take a small button and glue that to the middle of your new bloom.

Because there are so many different silk flower choices available in the average craft or dollar store you can use this basic idea to create headbands for babies in many different styles and colors. You can choose big flowers or small flowers and even use a few of the silk leaves as well. The options for creating your own flower headbands for babies in this manner are almost limitless and the best thing is that they cost so little to create something that looks so good!

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