Great Games for Toddlers for Both Indoor and Outdoor Fun

Keeping the average active toddler amused can be quite difficult at times. Rather than resort to the television every time they need something to do why not consider one of these great games for toddlers instead?

Games for Toddlers: Melissa and Doug 10 Piece Magnetic Fishing Game – The object of this game is to have your toddler “catch” all of the fish that are swimming on the wooden board using only the magnet tipped fishing rod. Sounds very easy but it can be a bit tricky, even for grown ups. The game board is brightly colored and the fish should fascinate younger children while the game itself should still present enough of a challenge to amuse older toddlers as well.

Games for Toddlers: Melissa and Doug Monster Bowling Game – This is a fun spin on the old concept of an indoor bowling set All of the pins are in fact brightly colored, plush and furry whimsical monsters (there are six of them) and the ball has a monster face too. The pins are not very tall so this a game perhaps for a younger toddler but for them it should provide a lot of fun, especially when it is just to nasty to go outside.

If monsters are not your favorite thing (or your child’s) Melissa and Doug also offer a happy face version of the same bowling set as well.

Games for Toddlers: Uno Moo Preschool Edition – This is a new toddler friendly twist on a fun old favorite. The are a lot of farm animals who have found their way out of the barn and it is the players job to round up a set of them before anyone else does by marching them either by color or by animal (if you get the farmer he’s a wild card,so matches with anything) This game is not too difficult for toddlers to learn how to play and is a lot of fun that older children can participate in too.

Games for Toddlers: I Spy Preschool Game – I Spy games and books have saved many a parent’s sanity of a long car trip with toddlers or on a rainy afternoon. The special toddler version of I Spy features brightly colored flash cards as game pieces and it encourages basic reading as well as observational skills. There are three different ways to play the game, each suited to toddlers of different ages but whichever version they choose it should still stop boredom from setting in – at least for quite a while.

Games for Toddlers: The Busy Book – Why just buy one toddler game when you can buy this book that contains suggestions for 365 of them? The great majority of the games and activities only require the use of things commonalty found around the house although you may have to make one of two initial craft store purchases to get everything you need on hand. Some of the activities are designed for the indoors while others promote outdoor play bit there are certainly enough suggestions for fun things for toddlers to do in this book to keep them busy for quite a while.

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