The Everlasting Magic of Dr Seuss Books

There are just certain authors whose books will never go out of style – however many video games they make about them or however many movies they make. Dr Seuss is one such author. Although Jim Carrey did a pretty good job of playing The Grinch kids still prefer the original thin green guy who appears in the book and by the time they are three or four a lot of kids can recite whole passages from Dr Seuss books by heart and we know first hand that Green Eggs ands Ham parties are still a big hit at elementary schools!

About Dr Seuss – Born on March 2nd 1904 Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote 46 books over the course of his long career, most of them under the pen name Dr Seuss. As a younger man Geisel was a political cartoonist and commentator and it was not until 1937 that he wrote his first book for children, “And I Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street” which was rejected three times before he found a publisher willing to take a chance on it.

After serving in World War II Geisel entered the 1950s at his most prolific and many of the best known and best loved of the Dr Seuss books were written during that decade.

In 1954 after a Life magazine story claimed that US children were not learning to read properly because the books they were given were boring and uninteresting the director of Geisel’s publishing company challenged Dr Seuss to come up with a book that would change all that. The result was “The Cat in the Hat” and used just 236 of the 250 ‘basic vocabulary words” that he had been challenged to write around. It was critics agreed as funny and engaging as his earlier books but beginning readers could read it and it was an instant hit. Dr Seuss books continued to be bestsellers as soon as he wrote them and long after his death from throat cancer in 1991 Dr Seuss books are still considered to be some of the best ever written for children.

Dr Seuss Books Today – Dr Seuss books are still published in much the same format as they ever were. You can purchase collections of various books, the Beginner Book Collection (Click here to buy at being a great choice as a way to introduce you children to the joys of Dr Seuss books. This collection costs relatively little and features Cat in the Hat, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham and One Fish, Two Fish.

After that its up to your kids to choose their favorites perhaps but you should certainly keep encouraging them to explore Dr Seuss books further. The favorite in our house is always going to be The Grinch but you will have a lot of fun watching you kids discover their own!

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