Add Enchantment to any Child’s Bedroom with a Disney Princess Toddler Bed

The concept of the Disney princess has been around almost as long as the company itself has. The first Disney princess was the lovely Snow White who made her movie debut back in 1937.

Over the years the Disney Princess roster has expanded considerably and the current “line up” now includes Jasmine, Pocahontas, Aurora, Fa Mulan, Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and relative newcomers Tiana and Rapunzel. All of them feature heavily on a number of different licensed products, including a Disney Princess toddler bed set.

Disney Princess Toddler Bed Choices – There are a number of different Disney princes toddler bed options available for parents to choose from. They range from very simple basic toddler beds to ornate castle style Disney Princess toddler beds. Which you choose is probably going to be a matter of available space in the child’s bedroom and how far your budget will stretch but thee are some great Disney Princess toddler beds to consider:

Disney Princess Plastic Toddler Bed – This Disney Princess toddler bed is the most basic of the options available as well as the most affordable but it is a lovely bed in itself and great for little girls making the transition from crib to big girl bed. The pastel pink headboard and footboard feature images of Cinderella, Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) and Belle. This Disney Princess toddler beds is sturdy, easy to assemble and has side rails for sleeping safety.

You can purchase this Disney Princess toddler bed at Wal-Mart for $49.50

Delta Enterprise Disney Princess Toddler Bed with Canopy – Although similar in style to the Disney Princess bed detailed above this option features a colorful canopy that turns the bed into a real “dream” Snow White joins her friends on this Disney Princess toddler bed, both on the canopy and on the head and foot boards.  Again there are side rails for safety and the bed is easy to assemble.
You can purchase this Disney Princess toddler bed from Amazon for $99.99

Little Tikes Disney Princess Toddler Beds – Like many Little Tikes toddler bed offerings the fun details on this Disney Princess toddler bed really make it stand out. It features storybook cottage styling, a hidden bookcase for extra storage and many of the Disney Princesses all over the bed. It is crafted to be low to the ground and has rounded sides to make getting in and out of bed easy for the littlest toddlers and is crafted from tough plastic for durability.

You can Purchase the Little Tykes Disney Princess toddler bed form Wal-Mart for $279.99

Disney Princess Room in a Box – If you really want to bring enchantment into your little girl’s bedroom in a big way this just might be the way to do that with ease. The Disney Princess Room in a Box feature the basic plastic Disney Princess  toddler bed, a fabric Disney Princess toy box for storing away all those dolls and bears and a folding Disney Princess toddler table and chairs. At just $119.99 at Toys R Us this Disney Princess toddler bed set is a real bargain.

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