Where to Buy the Best Disney Baby Clothes

Disney and babies kind of go together rather naturally. The number of really very cute Disney baby clothes available in stores everywhere – both online and off – is really quite astonishing. We however went in search of some of the cutest, as well as least expensive Disney baby clothes for both boys and girls. Here is what we found:

At Wal-Mart – Wal-Mart carry a huge line of very reasonably priced (well cheap actually) Disney baby clothing. On a recent visit to our local Wal-Mart we found a number of great outfits for less than $10. Our favorites included a line of boys and girls newborn long sleeve rompers featuring the likes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and some of Disney’s newer characters like Lightning McQueen from Cars and the Princess and the Frog. At just $6.00 each these cute Disney baby clothes area real bargain.

At K-Mart – K Mart also stock a wide selection of baby Disney clothes. We loved the 3 pack of both boys and girls creepers. They come in sizes ranging from newborn to twelve months and feature Winnie the Pooh for boys and the Disney Princesses for girls. The three pack is priced at just $6.99 which means you can afford to stock up on what are really the essential baby clothes for those first few months of life.

At Amazon.com – Amazon might not be the first place you would think of checking for reasonably priced Disney baby clothes but they actually carry a wide selection for both boys and girls. They stock Disney baby clothes featuring some of the characters you tend to see less frequently in the big chain stores. We loved the Thumper boy’s romper that retails for just $7.99 as well as the adorable (and very cozy looking) Shrek baby sleep sack ($12.98)

At the Disney Store – The Disney baby clothes offered at the Disney Store itself tend to be pricier than those offered at the chain stores but many are also exclusive to the Disney Store and are of the highest quality in terms of materials and construction. We liked the selection of 0-12 months Disney Princess dresses we found on a recent visit. All of the dresses feature a different Disney Princess and come with a matching frilly diaper cover and at $16.50 each they were less expensive than we had imagined. For a boy baby the Mickey Mouse graphic hoodie which features Mickey and all his pals reimagined graffiti art style. A little pricier at $26.99 but a real talking point to add to any young man’s wardrobe.

On EBay – If you really want to save money on Disney baby clothes – especially if you are looking for a lot of them – EBay sellers have a great many to offer. By buying Disney baby clothes at Ebay you can save a lot of money on what were originally the higher priced items. For instance we found one auction that as offering a Disney Baby baseball style jacket that we had seen in the Disney Store for $59.99 for $10 on Buy -it- Now (unbelievably it was still in its package)

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