Celebrity Kid Inspired Designer Kids Clothing

Celebrity kids are always big news and there is certainly a good crop of them right now to keep the tabloids (and the millions that read those tabloids) entertained. One thing many people watch is what designer kids clothing these celebs choose to deck their children out in – and where the public can get the same look. Here are some of the designer kids clothing looks that have been hot in Hollywood recently:

Ralph Lauren Designer Kids Clothing – As worn by the assorted offspring of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Ralph Lauren designer kids clothing such as the Ralph Lauren Little Girls Dress offers all the same quality of craftsmanship and easy effortless style that the lines for grown ups do. Ralph Lauren designer kids clothing is available for every kid from an infant to a teen and their line of designer kids shoes is extensive as well. Ralph Lauren designer kids clothing is also fairly reasonable priced, as far as designer clothing goes anyway, so it is quite possible that any parent can dress their kid in the Jolie-Pitt style.

Zoo York Designer Kids Clothing – Zoo York is known as hip urban designer brand aimed mainly at teens and young men but the company does have a lines of designer children’s clothing as well, as often sported by Kate Hudson’s very hip son Ryder. As well as kid sized graphic tees at reasonable prices Zoo York also offers a great line of surprisingly affordable designer kids sneakers such as the ZOO YORK Low Jack Cityscape Skate Shoe to complete a cool look.

Myself Belts – Belts are always a challenge for little kids to deal with when trying to dress themselves so not only are Myself belts such as the Myself Belts Girls’ Polka Dot Sixe a very stylish addition to any kids designer clothing collection but a very practical one as well as they are designed to be easy for kids to fasten and unfasten by themselves. Madonna’s youngest daughter Mercy has been photographed wearing them on several occasions.

77 Kids– 77 Kids is a line of designer kids clothing created by the very trendy American Eagle Store. The 77 kids line offers the same casual yet slightly edgy style to be found in the adult fashion lines and again they are all actually very reasonably priced. Brooke Shields I a big fan of the brand to dress her daughters in.

Wry Baby – The Wry Baby brand of designer kids clothes got a big boost when it was revealed that TV star Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka choose the companies onesies to dress their infant twins (a boy and a girl so this is unisex kids designer clothing) in. The great appeal of the Wry Baby line is that the clothing is simple and the witty slogans they feature are amusing for Mom and Dad too (check out the Wry Baby Snapsuit-Kung Fu Grip)!

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