How to Make a Great Crotchet Baby Blanket

A crotchet baby blanket has been a staple in nurseries for decades. Whether used for decoration, comfort or a combination of both a crotchet baby blanket can be useful and aesthetically pleasing. There are those who are skilled in the fine art of crotchet who are able to create crotchet baby blankets quickly and easily and in a huge variety of unique styles. Not all of us are that craftily inclined but there are a great many instructional books and crotchet baby blanket kits that can help even the least experienced crafters create a crotchet baby blanket that looks every bit as great as any bought in a store. Here are a few of our favorites:

Crocheted Blankets for BabyLion Brand Yarn Crocheted Blankets for Baby – This paperback book features eight simple step by step patterns to create unique crotchet baby blankets that would be suitable for use to create a crotchet baby blanket for either a boy or a girl. The patterns are easy to follow even for those with little crocheting experience.

Heirloom Crocheted Baby BlanketHeirloom Baby Blanket Crochet Kit -  This kit contains everything you will need to create a crotchet baby blanket that any parent would love for their child. Each kit contain s all the yarn you need, the right crotchet needles, step by step instructions and sew on labels for personalization. The kit can be purchased in different color choices including White, New Mint, Powder Yellow, Powder Blue, and Lilac.

Mary Maxim Crochet Baby BlanketMary Maxim Baby Ripple Blanket Kit – This attractive textured baby blanket can be created either as a crotchet baby blanket or a slightly more substantial knitted offering if knitting is more your style. The kit comes with complete instructions for both options and is just one of a number of Mary Maxim crotchet baby blanket kits that are available to create attractive blankets that would make great baby shower gifts.

Cuddly CrochetCuddly Crochet: Adorable Toys, Hats, and More – If your first crotchet baby blanket was a success you may want to graduate to trying out some of the great crotchet patterns in this great book. The book contains all the instructions you will need to create a number of great crocheted baby sets that comprise of a stuffed toy and matching hats, blankets and more. Once you master the patterns contained in this book you can create variations on each theme and the one thing you can be assured of is that any of theses crocheted sets would make unique baby shower gifts that will delight any parent.

Vogue Crochet Baby BlanketVogue Knitting on the Go! Crocheted Baby Blankets – This great hardcover book features twenty different crotchet baby blanket patterns that are every bit as stylish as you would expect from a Vogue offering but despite their great style they are actually very easy to execute and create.

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