The Best Car Beds for Boys

Toddlers and younger children love a novelty bed and as you might expect car beds for boys are one of the most popular choices. While you will also find some girls interested in the idea of sleeping in a car bed it is usually the boys who really want one. Car beds for boys can be hard to find in regular stores but once you hit the Internet there are more choices available than you might have thought, and at prices that are not too expensive (especially if you can score free shipping) Here are just a few of our race car beds for boys favorites:

Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed – This sleek car bed for boys is tough, durable and very well made, as are all Step 2 products. Unlike some car beds for boys (and indeed kids beds in general) this stock car bed is designed to accommodate either a toddler size mattress or a twin size version, extending its useful life by several years. Also unusual for a novelty bed of this type id that the support boards are also included (often you have to make your own with a piece of plywood)

The bed has high sides to keep little ones tucked in safely and the foot board features a built in molded race track for all your little boys toy cars to speed around. The bed comes in several color combination including orange and blue, purple and red and red and blue.

KidKraft Racecar Toddler Bed – This is another great car bed for boys that looks great and is very well made while providing great value for money. The built in bench at the foot of the bed really gives it a real race car look while providing a place to sit (or extra storage space) and the bed is low to the ground so that it is easy for younger kids to get in and out of.

Legare Race Car Twin Bed – This is a great car bed for boys for the older set. It rugged wooden construction makes it super durable and the foot board – which serves as the car’s front – features headlights that look like eyes and a grill that grins. A really cool choice that can be used for years.

If you are a bit of a DIY fan you can actually try your hand at making a car bed for boys yourself. Classicraft sell a great Race Car Bed Woodworking Plan that gives step by step instructions on just how to that. The plan is rated as suitable for beginning woodworkers so you do not have to be expert carpenter to follow it.

The advantage of making you own car bed for boys of course is the level of personalization you can add to it, as well as the sense of satisfaction you get from making something as cool as a car bed for your kid, something guarantied to make them smile.

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