Finding the Right Bunk Bed Mattress for Your New Bunk Bed Set

Most bunk bed sets you can buy do not come with mattresses included so shopping for a bunk bed mattress is a completely separate purchase.

Choosing the Right Bunk Bed Mattress

Everyone knows just how important it really is to buy the right kind of mattress for any bed, whatever its size. A mattress that is too firm, too flimsy, or simply just lumpy and uncomfortable can make getting a good night’s sleep hard, however much you paid for a high quality bed. A bad mattress can also lead to all kinds of nagging health problems like back and neck pain, even in kids.

Choosing the right bunk bed mattresses can be a little tricky because of their rather unique designs. The first thing one needs to determine is exactly what size bunk bed mattress you need for the bunk bed set you have chosen. If you’re buying bunk beds for kids it is crucial that a bunk bed mattress fit just right to avoid a child’s arm, leg or even head becoming stuck in a gap between a too small bunk bed mattress and the bunk bed frame.

Once you have determined the right size you actually have to choose what type of bunk bed mattress you want. These days there are two basic types of bunk bed mattress available – inner spring or foam.

Inner spring bunk bed mattresses are still the most commonly purchased. As a general rule of thumb the wider the coils inside the firmer the mattress will feel. Foam mattresses of course have no coils but if you decide that foam may be the way to go make sure that the foam bunk bed mattress you are purchasing is a good quality one that provides both comfort and support.

The best way to choose a bunk bed mattress is probably to actually try it out (or have the person who will be occupying the bunk bed try it out) Most good bedding stores will have a floor model that will allow you to do just that and if they do not you might want to carry on shopping!

Buying a Bunk Bed with Mattresses Included

Some bunk bed sets do come with the bunk bed mattress included. While that is very convenient do make sure these are good mattresses before you buy. Sometimes when the bunk bed mattress is included in the price of the set it is not of the best quality so you may still be better off shopping for a good bunk bed mattress separately.

Where to Purchase a Bunk Bed Mattress

In many instances you will be able to purchase a bunk bed mattress in the exact same place as you are actually buying the bunk bed set from. This may be the ideal situation because the sales staff should be able to help you buy a mattress that will fit your chosen bunk bed as perfectly as possible.

Buying a bunk bed mattress on the Internet may not be the best idea, as you really have no way of knowing how soft or firm it is going to be or whether or not it will truly fit the bunk bed you have chosen properly.

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