Breast Feeding Tips For New Moms

Baby experts do not always agree on everything but the one thing that there is a strong consensus about is that if it possible for her to do so breast feeding is one of the best things a Mom can do for her baby. Breast feeding is certainly not always easy though. Here are some breast feeding tips on how to make it easier for you and your baby:

Breast Feeding Tips – Starting Out – Ideally a mother should be allowed to nurse her new baby as soon as possible after a straight forward birth that went without complications. If there were problems that will not be possible right away as the most important thing is that new Moms are healthy. However if all did go well attempting a first feed within a few hours of baby’s birth will help the whole process begin a little easier.

Most hospitals and birthing centers hove lactation consultants on staff and new Moms should meet with after they have tried feeding once or twice to discuss any concerns they have or problems they are having so far. Lactation consultants can also observe your breast feeding technique and right any wrongs before you leave the hospital and head home.

Breast Feeding Tips – Back at Home – Most experts agree that in the first few months of life breast feeding babies should be fed “on demand” and not put on the kind of strict feeding schedule that used to be recommended years ago. As this can mean up to 12 feeds a day this can indeed be very tiring for Moms and you should make sure that you have plenty of help on hand to deal with other aspects of running the household for a while so that you can get enough rest and relation between feeds to remain healthy. All those friends and family members who promised to help in any way they could after the baby was born? Now is the time to call them in!

The one thing breast feeding Moms should not try to do is get a baby to feed while they are crying and screaming. Instead calm them using other methods then once they have “chilled out” offer them the breast.

Breast Feeding Tips – When Problems Strike – However hard they try, however many books they read, positions they try or hours of frustration they expend some women really do have problems with breast feeding. If this happens to you it is important to get help so that Baby does not go hungry and your health does not suffer. Many doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are almost evangelical about breast feeding these days but if it really is not working for you you should not feel unduly pressured to continue by them or by family members. Breast milk is best for Baby but a happy healthy Mom is more important and women are not “failures” if breast feeding does not work out.

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