What Foods Make for The Best Breast Feeding Diet?

New moms are all usually keen to shed their extra baby weight as soon as possible, but breast feeding Moms need to be sensible about doing so because their breast feeding diet is not only going to affect their health but to a certain degree the quality of their breast milk as well. New Moms do not have to change their diet too much to ensure a good healthy supply of breast milk, basically following a well balanced, healthy diet is all they need to do, but there are certain foods that experts often recommend that women eat while breastfeeding to help ensure their health as well as that of their nursing baby.

The Basics of a Good Breast Feeding Diet- Breast feeding women can end up becoming a little dehydrated so it is very important that they make sure that they are drinking enough water every day, at least the recommended for everyone eight glasses a day, a little more if possible. The other benefit of making sure they drink plenty of water is that helps in their weight loss efforts as well, an added plus.

Whatever her calorie intake was during and before pregnancy a breast feeding Mom should take in around 2,500 calories a day while breast feeding. Therefore following a crash diet that calls for a serious reduction in calories is not a good idea at all. It may seem that some women seem to lose their pregnancy pounds overnight but for most women it will take six to ten months to do so without compromising their health or the quality of their breast milk. And in fact the act of breast feeding burns about 500 calories a day so there is some scientific fact behind the idea that breast feeding helps new moms lose weight a little faster.

To make sure they are getting the most from their diet for breast feeding new Moms should get into the habit of spreading their daily calories intake over five smaller meals spread out over the course of the day. As her body is continually being called upon to produce milk a Mom needs a regular steady calorie intake, not a huge influx a couple of times a day.

When it comes to breaking down the actual foods that should be included in a breastfeeding diet there are no hard and fast rules but plenty of fruit and vegetables are considered a must both because they are full of the vitamins that Moms need to help ensure a healthy breast milk supply but they also are simply good for you in general. It is also important to include some iron rich foods in a breast feeding diet as iron deficiency can hit breastfeeding Moms and zap her energy and impact the quality of her breast milk.

Resuming Old Habits – Many women wonder if it is save to resume some of their old eating and drinking habits after Baby is born when they are breastfeeding – habits they put on hold while pregnant. Alcohol in moderation is OK, but not too much more than the occasional glass of wine. Moms can also resume their coffee habit but again, in moderation. Too much caffeine will lead to a jittery, restless baby. A wake up cup is fine though.

Women can also go back to eating sushi again if that is their seafood preference and actually the extra vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids are good for them. Nursing moms should continue to avoid high-mercury fish such as shark, tilefish, and mackerel though , and to limit those that may contain moderate amounts of that heavy metal.

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