Should You Buy BPA Free Bottles for Your Baby?

Even though they may have heard or read that they should consider buying BPA free baby bottles for their child some parents are not quite sure why. Here is a brief guide to what BPA is, and why so many people think it is such a bad thing and are making the switch to BPA free products, including BPA free bottles.

What is BPA?

Bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated as BPA, is an organic compound that has been used to make hard plastics since the 1930s. When plastic baby bottles were introduced they were considered by many parents to be wonderful things. Tough durable and they would not break like glass ones might. And indeed plastic baby bottles are very handy, but it is the BPA they contain that has been causing concern for some years now.

Why is BPA Bad?

BPA Free BottlesBefore they invest in BPA free bottles (click here for the selection of BPA Free Bottles at parents will want to know why people think BPA is bad. A number of studies have shown that once ingested into the body BPA can disrupt proper hormone functioning, actually alter genes and interfere with normal processes of both physical and behavioral development.  The effects of BPA will be more pronounced in children because they are growing and developing at such a rapid pace. BPA can be ingested by children via their bottle, as the substance leeches into the liquid inside, which they are then of course going to drink.

The FDA still says that BPA is safe, although they are re-visting the matter in light of the fact that Canada and a number of European countries have already banned the use of BPA in baby products.

Many parents do not want to wait for the FDA to make up its mind though and are already buying BPA free bottles. A growing number of manufacturers are making them in response to the public concern.

Consider BPA Free Sippy Cups Too

Once they are no longer using a baby bottle many older babies and toddlers still have a sippy cup they drink from as they learn to handle a real one. And the fact is that sippy cups contain BPA as well. Therefore if you are going to use BPA free bottles finding a BPA free sippy cup will be important to you as your child grows.

Are BPA Free Bottles and Sippy Cups More Expensive?

To a certain extent, BPA free bottles and BPA free sippy cups are slightly more expensive than “regular” offerings but as they become more common the prices are decreasing and coming in line with other products. Major manufacturers like Gerber and Playtex, both of whom have been making baby bottles for decades, are introducing more and more BPA free bottles and cups to their product offerings so such things are getting easier to find on the shelves, and are therefore becoming less expensive.

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