The Best Jogging Stroller to Suit Every Budget

Although a large number of baby strollers tend to be given the classification of jogging stroller not all of them really qualify. Some are more of an all terrain option over anything else and while they may be great for navigating a rocky path they may not be the right option if you actually intend to jog with your jogging stroller! With that in mind we have chosen the best jogging stroller in a number of different price ranges to give you a little shopping guidance as you search for the best jogging stroller for you:

BOB Revolution Jogging StrollerBest Jogging Stroller, High End – BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller – In many people’s minds the BOB line of jogging strollers are the Rolls Royce’s of the jogging stroller world and the Revolution is the Silver Ghost. And although this stroller is especially designed for serious Mommy and Daddy joggers you are just as likely to see it at the mall as you are the park because it is just such a joy to maneuver and use, both for parents and for Baby. The front wheel swivels 360 for the ultimate control and an easily adjustably suspension provides you child with a smooth ride whatever is going on outside her stroller.

Schwinn Free Runner Jogging StrollerBest Jogging Stroller – Mid Range – Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller Single -  That the company that has been making some of the best bikes in the world should be able to come up with a great jogging stroller is almost a no brainer and with the Schwinn Free Runner the world famous bike maker proves that that is the case.

The bicycle tires, the same ones used on racing bikes, clue you in to the fact that this baby jogging stroller is really a great mover on all terrains and is perfect for the serious keep fit keen parent. The fact that this jogging stroller is very lightweight is a big plus both when using it and when carrying to the car! This possible best jogging stroller is proof that extra efficiency does not have to cost a great deal.

Jeep Overland Jogging StrollerBest Jogging Stroller – Bargains – Jeep Overland Jogging Strollers – The sturdy looking yet very maneuverable wheels and tell tale Jeep styling make these baby strollers almost instantly recognizable as a Jeep product. What isnt surprising is how well they perform, especially on bumpier ground (running around a track gets boring)

What is a surprise is just how affordable this best jogging stroller candidate is. It may fall price wise into the budget category but there is nothing cut price about this great jogging stroller.

Apart from the great price and excellent running performance we love the little extras that come with this Jeep jogging stroller- especially the “parent bar” which boasts an iPod storage dock!

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