Choosing the Best Crib Mattress for Comfort and Safety

Amid all the excitement of picking out just the right baby crib and the accompanying uber- cute baby crib bedding choosing the best crib mattress can tend to become a bit of an after thought. After all a mattress is mattress right?

Why is Finding the Best Crib Mattress So Important?

Not taking the time to research your options and chose the best crib mattress for use in the crib you have chosen can be a big mistake though. The wrong crib mattress can mean not only does Baby’s bed become an uncomfortable place for them to be but it can actually be hazardous to their health as well. Use an ill fitting mattress in your child’s crib and he or she could get body parts stuck between the mattress and the crib.

The best crib mattress is one that fits the crib perfectly, with no gaps around the sides and is nice and firm without being as hard as a rock. Baby crib mattresses come in two basic varieties – solid foam or innerspring. The best baby crib mattress should also be flame retardant and some models these days are treated to be stain proof and water resistant as well.

Shopping Tips for the Best Crib Mattress

When it comes to shopping for the best crib mattress you are not looking for the same things as you would be if you were shopping for a new mattress for your own bed. Although you may prefer a softer., cushier mattress such things are not normally recommended for babies. The best crib mattresses only have a little in the way of “give” and should retain their flat shape at all times.

There are mainly places that sell great crib mattresses, including a growing number of Internet destinations. If you choose to purchase a crib mattress on line make sure that should you need to you will be able to return it if it turns out not to fit the crib you have.

Here, for shopping inspiration are a few examples of the best crib mattresses available today:

L A Baby Crib MattressL A Baby Organic Cotton 2 in One Orthopedic Crib Mattress – This mattress is a popular choice with parents looking for the best baby crib mattress that is comfortable, safe and a little bit “green’ as well. This is a two sided mattress – the firmer side is designed for safe use by infants and the slightly softer side for use by older toddlers (as most people transfer their crib mattress to a toddler bed) This is a coil innerspring mattress and has side vents for extra ventilation. This crib mattress is also designed to be anti bacterial and water and stain resistant as well.

MDB Twilight Baby Crib MattressDavinchi MDB Twilight Crib Mattress – This is a great example of the best crib mattress models that are solid construction, not innerspring models. This baby crib mattress is made from 100% polyester and RPFB batting. It has a triple laminated cover for extra comfort and stain resistance and is designed to be non allergenic and sturdy.

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