Choosing The Best Cloth Diapers for You and Your Baby

Decades ago when disposable diapers were first introduced mothers all over the world put away their cloth diapers and opted for the easier, quicker plastic options. Years later people are beginning to realize the impact that disposable diapers have on the planet in general.

There are millions of diapers in landfills and the carbon footprint left by three years of diaper use by just one baby is a big one indeed. Then there is the cost factor. Disposable diapers are not cheap, and parents can save a great deal of money by switching to cloth. If you are considering making the switch there are a lot of options out there. The question is which are the best cloth diapers for you and your child?

Best Cloth Diapers: Types of Cloth Diapers

When it comes to choosing the best cloth diapers it will depend very much upon which basic type of cloth diaper you want to use. Flats are the old fashioned kind of cloth diapers reborn. They are simple, single layer cloths. Parents will have to master the art of folding and pinning but on the upside they fit babies and toddlers of all sizes and they dry very quickly after being laundered.

Prefold cloth diapers are rather different. When it comes to popularity many parents feel that these are the best cloth diapers. Prefold cloth diapers are sized in a similar way to disposable diapers and have several layers of cloth, with more layers being concentrated in the middle for extra absorbency. They are designed to be folded or pinned. The disadvantages are that you will have to keep buying new sizes of cloth diaper as your child grows and they do take far longer to dry than flats.

Fitted cloth diapers are another choice available to parents who have decided to use such things for their children. Fitteds have built in elastic at the legs and the back and basically look a lot like a disposable diaper. They have velcro or snap fasteners and can be found in pretty colors and attractive patterns. These are the most expensive of the cloth diaper options available though.

Gerber Cloth DiapersBest Cloth Diapers: Popular Choices
– There are many places to buy cloth diapers. Store like Walmart and Kmart sell some versions manufactured by big name baby companies like Gerber but they do tend to only stock basic prefold options. Many parents prefer to do their cloth diaper shopping online (check out the selection of cloth diapers at as there is a larger selection available to them.

There are also a growing number of people making custom cloth diapers in their own homes and then selling them online. These diapers are sometimes the most expensive cloth diapers of all but there re bargains to be found out there. The website is a great place to start if this option appeals to you.

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