Tips for Choosing the Best Breast Pumps

Whether you are a breast feeding Mom getting ready to return to work or would just like to be able to leave Baby with a sitter for the day a breast pump is probably something well worth considering. But with so many option out there how do you decide which choices are the best breast pumps and which one of them will work best for you? Here are a few pointers:

Best Breast Pumps – Manual or Electric? – There are two basic types of breast pump, manual and electric. Which a new Mom chooses will depend very much upon her unique situation. A stay at home mom who only intends to use a breast pump occasionally should find that a manual breast pump is perfectly adequate by working moms who will be out of the house and away from Baby for a number of hours every day need to be able to pump more breast milk so an electric breast pump, although more expensive, is usually the better choice for them.

Best Breast Pumps – Single or Double? – Another basic choice Moms have to make when choosing just the right breast pump to suit their needs is do they need a single or a double breast pump. The obvious advantage of the double breast bump is the ability to pump more milk faster but some women do find that it is uncomfortable to do so and prefer the slower single pump route. Usually a double breast pump is an electric model and is one of the most expensive choices, which may also be a major consideration for many Moms.

Breast Breast Pumps – Should you Buy or Rent? – Opting for a breast pump rental is often a great option for working mothers who only intend to breastfeed for a relatively short-term. Powerful, hospital-grade rental breast pumps are also good for new mothers who are pumping to establish a milk supply, such as mothers of premature babies who are still hospitalized. These pumps are rather expensive to buy outright so renting makes sense in this situation too.

The average cost for breast pump rentals is around $30-$60 per month, but renting a breast pump rather than buying one does offer Moms a chance to see whether or not breastfeeding is going to work for them before committing to a large purchase, and certainly helps those who simply cannot afford shell out $200 or more at one time to buy a breast pump that they may never use again once Baby is weaned.

Shopping for the Best Breast Pumps – These days a limited number of health insurance plans will cover breast pump rental but usually buying or renting a breast pump is an out of pocket expense for new parents. If you are intending to rent a breast pump the hospital where you give birth will often be able to provide you with a rental breast pump as will a good home health care store.

When it comes to purchasing a breast pump most department and big box chains stores nationwide carry limited numbers of them but often the best choice, as well as a few great deals, can be found online at sites like

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