The Best Books for Boys of All Ages

Since 1983, more than 10 million Americans reached the 12th grade without having learned to read at a basic level. That is why it is still crucial that children in the 21st century are encouraged to read and encouraged to read from an early age. Of course that is made far easier if the books they are reading are fun, interesting and engaging. Here are some great books and book sets that contain some of the best books for boys that will amuse them enough to have them want to read more without having to be told to do so:

Best Books for Boys: Toddler Books – Toddlers still need help by being read to but the more they are the faster they will learn.

The first BOB book set – Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers – are ideal for helping new readers master basic skills. Each book in the set introduces a new set of letter and words so that boys can build up their reading vocabulary at their own pace and the stories they tell are simple but engaging, thanks in part to the great illustrations that accompany the new words. There are five box sets in the series but even if you don’t get them all this first set is a great buy because it offers fun and learning that does not get too repetitive or boring.

Best Books for Boys: Thomas the Tank Engine: Thomas the Tank Engine has and his friends have been favorites with kids for decades now and Thomas the Tank Engine books are some of the best books for boys to help encourage a life long love of reading. There are a number of beginning readers versions of the Thomas stories including Percy’s Chocolate Crunch and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories that are bright and colorful, featuring images from the Thomas and Friends TV show but that are easy enough for new readers to grasp fairly quickly on their own.

The Best Books for Boys – Older Boys Books

Even if they have now headed off to school and are being taught to master their reading better in the classroom older boys should still be reading at home.

The Magic Treehouse Collection:  One of the best books for boys book sets are The Magic Tree House books. Each of the books in the series follows the adventures of a brother and sister team Jack and Annie who one day stumble across a treehouse filled with books that somehow seems to be able to transport them to points of history across time. In just the first eight adventures Jack and Annie meet dinosaurs, pirates, ninjas, knights, a sabre tooth tiger and head down the Amazon and up to the moon.

The great thing about the Magic Treehouse books is that the author, Mary Pope Osbourne is a historian as well as a children’s book author so her historical references are accurate and educational. In fact there are a number of research guides that go along with some of the books written by pop Osbourne and her husband Will.

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